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Following our trip to Nemo 33 for the launch of the Suunto D5, we were lucky enough to take one of the pre-production units with us to the Philippines to try while we were staying at Magic Oceans in Bohol. The Suunto D5 is the latest dive computer from Suunto, and packs the same menu […]

Shearwater computers are famous for two things: Simplicity an robustness. This makes these computers loved by technical and recreational divers all over the world. This is quitte impressive since the Canadian company was founded in 2004. The newest addition in the Shearwater family is the Perdix AI. The AI stands for air integration and was […]

Key Features Of A Dive Computer Computer advice – https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/help-choosing-a-dive-computer Shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/collections/dive-computers Visit our shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/scuba-shop A dive computer allows divers to extend their time and safety while in the water. Considered essential by most dive resorts around the world today your dive computer should be one of the first things you should […]

Aqua Lung have just launched a new dive computer onto the scuba diving scene – the i770R. With so many leading brands now releasing new units to compete in this competitive market (that is often led by the Finnish brand – Suunto), it was great to be able to get up close with this new […]

https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/search-results-page?q=d4 The Suunto D4 is a lightweight, easy to use and practical dive computer. Whether you’re on your annual dive holiday or honing your freediving skills the D4 will keep you informed and aware every meter of the way.

Cressi Neon Dive Computer Review Shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/cressi-neon-dive-computer Reviews – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsa9lHcC4ukkxxHGP6h2B8KaARreGIoJN Visit our shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/scuba-shop ■ High contrast display with extra large numbers Easy access menu 12/24 time format with calendar and seconds Precision stopwatch Second time setting Alarm clock Backlit display Surf time, desaturation and no fly time calculator Lets you know when […]

See which features of the Shearwater Teric dive computer helped it earn a ScubaLab Testers Choice in Scuba Diving magazine’s latest dive computer review.

Freddy’s 5280 Scuba Review of the Sheawater Perdix AI Dive Computer. The Shearwater Perdix AI is one of the easiest to read computers. It’s large, full color oLED screen makes it easy to read in any water or lighting condition. User customizable displays lay out allows you to choose what you want to have to […]

Dive Computers The Oceanic OCi is a full decompression watch size dive computer with wireless air integration that is packed full of features and technology including digital compass, dual algorithm, three gas switching, connectivity with up to three wireless transmitters and dot matrix display.

How good is it ? *** Aqua Lung I770R color wrist dive computer. We look at the main features of this unique new dive computer. https://www.divers-supply.com/aqua-lung-computer-i770r-w-usb-black.html This short video gives you the benefits of this wrist mount air integrated unit. or call: 800-999-3483 to speak with one of our divers. Thanks for watching and “DIVE […]

A short review of my Scubapro M2 dive computer, what I like and what problems I had using it. Scurta prezentare a computerului de scufundari M2 de la Scubapro, partile bune si problemele avute cu M2.

This is the brand new Shearwater Teric scuba diving watch & computer. This is an advanced diving computer that has 5 modes that include free dive, gauge, OC Rec, OC Tech, and CCR. You can program up to 5 gases (both nitrox and trimix). It has a rechargeable battery, AMOLED screen, SS bezel and crystal […]

https://www.simplyscuba.com/collections/Suunto The Suunto Vyper has everything a diver needs for diving with standard air or nitrox mixes. The Vyper can also be used as a depth gauge and timer with profile memory which makes it perfect for professional and technical diving applications.

With the Aqua Lung i100 dive computer Aqua Lung tries to wiggle itself in the budget dive computer market. This was for long the territory of the Mares Puck Pro. Is the Aqua Lung i100 good enough to take the throne? Aqua Lung i100 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2vepTlY Mares Puck Pro on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2n6OvZA Suunto Zoop […]

Mares Smart Air Dive Computer Shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/mares-smart-air-dive-computer Scuba advice – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsa9lHcC4ukkP95K-5EfvAinWBGttNVpS Visit our shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/scuba-shop The Mares Smart Air Dive Computer is a compact watch sized air integrated dive computer. Lightweight and sporty the Smart Air is made for the active user with a sensible price. On top of all of the diving […]

The Deepblu Cosmiq + is without a doubt one of the most innovative dive computers released in the past year. All settings are controlled within an app and all your logs are automatically synced with your smartphone! Making the Deepblu Cosmiq one of the best beginner dive computers of 2018! The Deepblu Cosmiq + on […]

Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer Petral 2 EXT – https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/shearwater-petrel-2-ext-dive-computer Petral 2 – https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/shearwater-petrel-2-dive-computer The Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer is a rugged and reliable technical dive computer with a whole range of customisability. The bright screen is easy to read and you have control over where information is laid out. Piezo-electric Buttons on either […]

Aqua Lung i770R Dive Computer Review Shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/aqua-lung-i770r-dive-computer Advice – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsa9lHcC4ukkP95K-5EfvAinWBGttNVpS Visit our shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/scuba-shop The Aqua Lung i770R Dive Computer is a colour screen rechargeable dive computer with a large screen so you can see everything at a glance. Colour-coded information means that your eyes are drawn to the information you need […]

The Mares Quad was a Testers Choice in the 2017 ScubaLab dive computer test. See the whole review: http://scubadiv.in/GBKsdq

Oceanic The Geo 2.0 dive computer from Oceanic has recently been updated to include the exclusive Oceanic Dual Algorithm which allows you to sync with your dive buddy, deep stop option and a redesigned user interface with a Step Back feature that allows you to navigate backward and forward through settings and menus.

Giotto Dive Computer The Cressi Giotto is the second recreational dive computer to be completely designed and developed by Cressi’s new computer R&D department and manufactured in their own factory. A combination of new materials and electronics have allowed the creation of a large, clear display computer with a low profile and slim fit. The […]

Aqua Lung i100 Computer Shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/aqua-lung-i100-computer News – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsa9lHcC4ukmirca_4iaREvwMpYk5AYYm The AquaLung i100 Dive Computer is a simple and easy to use entry level dive computer for the new diver. With a single button navigation system, you can select from four operating modes and navigate the dive computer. Safety features such as audible alarms and […]

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer Shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/shearwater-teric-dive-computer Scuba advice – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsa9lHcC4ukkP95K-5EfvAinWBGttNVpS Visit our shop – https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/scuba-shop The Shearwater Teric Dive Computer is a full-color screen watch-sized dive computer with all the features and quality you expect from a shearwater computer but in a smaller package. Intuitive controls and navigation of the menus are what you […]

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