When should you use fins in swimming training?

http://triswimcoach.com Should you use fins in swimming? Isn’t it like cheating? When should I use fins in training for an open water swim or triathlon?


Kevin: Hi! It’s Kevin at triswimcoach.com and I want to talk about fins today. A lot of people are curious about when to use fins, what kind of fins to use and what will they actually do for you. So, I’m a really big proponent of using fins when you’re training for a triathlon swim. And what fins can do is they can help you to execute the drills that you need to do to get ready for your triathlon swim, especially if you’re a beginner level and when you haven’t had much experience in the water. So, the one drill that I recommend is kick on your side. If you put your fins on, you don’t have to worry as much about keeping yourself up on top of the water because the fins kind of do that work for you and that allows you to work on your balance and work on your body position without wearing yourself out. And the second drill is shark fin drill which is an extension of kicking on your side where most people start out and they sink right away. So, putting on the fins will allow you to really accelerate your progress in freestyle and get to that really nice stroke technique that you need to do open water swimming.
So, that’s really it for fins. I recommend the Zoomers Z2 and if you can get the Zoomers Z2 Gold, that’s the best fins that you can get on the market. I tried a lot of fins and these ones work. They not only help you with the balance drills that I mentioned but they kind of force you into the right kicking position. So, it actually helps your kick itself. So, I recommend using them and not just those drills but also on kicking sets so that you’re using the right muscles when you kick as supposed to just kicking at the water and getting nowhere. So, that’s it. I’d say go for the Zoomer Z2. We have a link in the video and a link at the bottom of this video to where you can buy some Zoomers and good luck with your triathlon swim! And again, my name is Kevin, triswimcoach.com and we’ll talk to you soon!


Ramy G says:

Great points…thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Crack Head says:

I mean the fins

Jayven Gabriel says:

I use fins and once I remove them and I try to swim I feel like I’m not swimming the right way do you have advice so I can familiarize myself again without fins

Crack Head says:

We’re do you get the Fina

Richard Luis says:

Very interesting. Gerry Tower 26 coach states that side kicking drills are not helpful in free water triathlon swimming. That all they are, are drills but they don’t really help your swimm technique or make you faster… Your thoughts. As a beginner i’m puzzled. I also have a problem with keeping my legs from sinking because I’ma very heavy person and thought finns would help..

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