talking about bodyboard fins

bodyboard fins bodyboard fins bodyboard fins i talk about bluntcuts, vipers, ms vipers, tech 2, ally , churchill and kicks


Karl XZY says:

I’ve had my V5 Vipers for 7 years and they still haven’t fallen apart. Just modified them a few weeks ago, cut down one of the fins about 2.5cm and they are awesome for DK. Have to wear neoprene fin socks with them though as I got terrible ulcers from them.

Kamille says:

you buy one of those Viper fins and you’ll never need to buy another pair. They are freaking indestructible! lol

alpdog3 says:

Won’t work. I haven’t tried my freediving fins as they are too expensive to risk breaking them. I have tried some old scuba fins and two major problems arise. Firstly, the scuba fins don’t stay on very well. Secondly, the fins are too long and end up bending over when you are trying to get your footing while recovering from a wipe out. Base on that I really don’t recommend risking your long blades.

Oneill Thoren says:

you need some seriouse help those arent evan ms vipers those are regular vipers you have good info on the bluntcuts

dakotamanomgwtf says:

I have Churchills and they kill the outside of my foot. I mean they get extremely sore after like 15 minutes. I have wide feet, so what are some good fins that are friendly to people with wide feet?

Karl XZY says:

Apparently Stealth fins are a bit wider than Churchies. I just bought a pair of Stealth S3s to replace my old Vipers, though haven’t taken them for a test run yet..

timclfc says:

You couldn’t hold Paul Roach’s jock strap if your life depended on it.

Devin Jenkins says:

where did you buy your bluntcuts

Karl XZY says:

get some Viper fins and cut one of them down a couple of CM on the side you get up with.. makes a huge difference.

Kauai Boi says:

Try kicks fins or blunt cuts

Cole Harvey says:

Are kicks good for prone only? please respond

Chris Woerner says:

Blunt Cuts are the best. They are made in the U.S.A. and they are made by Toobs

Karl XZY says:

Stealth or Ally fins are good bang for buck!

Conor McLennan says:

kersez arent you drop knee in your little profile pic thing hahahaha

National Pornographic says:

Hey man, Just injured myself from stand up and came back to where it began for me, bodyboarding but I was a rookie then (still am)
and was wondering why one needs fins?
Does it help for speed or what?

ebruddah says:

Great DK fins I really like the grip on the bottom of those. However if you have a lot of wax on you may stick too much to your board when trying to release.

xDustyKillFeedx says:

get kicks

Hearts of Kyber says:

I had a pair of Ally fins and wasn’t a big fan… they were decent on price but that was about it. Been using Manta Clones for the past 7 years and don’t see myself changing from them.

James Wilson says:

then why are you watching a video called talking about bodyboard fins you fucking idiot

David Fabian says:

thats true but don’t be mean about it

Fluorescent Rift says:

Get stealth or ltds a.k.a good looking fins

Jeremiah Schubert says:

would you rather have kicks or churchills?

collin says:

yoo brah. kicks fins.. they as fast as churchills or vipers?

Noa East says:

for dk i would buy some reg churchills and cut it downon the nose… thats what i do

samantha hingerty says:

hey, dude you left out some really good fins like stealth: s2, s3, and classics/ supers swimfins/ and limited edition. and, plus, sacha specker; 2013 dropknee world champion, uses vipers. 🙂

Raphael lopes Castineiras says:

U should try stealth bro
Awesome fins I love mine

manitsmatt says:

go and try drop knee, you’re so ignorant, i feel bad for you

Kauai Boi says:

U could still drop knee using vipers u just have to cut it

Mitchell Whinnen says:

Do you like your manta clones? Really need to know?

Karl XZY says:

Wearing them dry with a pair of fin socks they do feel slightly wider.. and they should get better after I wear them in too. I’ve got rather wide feet and didn’t have too many issues with my Vipers, however they did cause some cramping in my arches so hoping that will go away with these new S3s. Will take them for a test spin this weekend and see how they go.

goingbeach5 says:

I love Redley’s but they are hard to find. They are comfy and don’t cause ulcers and they float. Vipers gave me cramps even in the store! I probably will go back to Churchill’s when my Redley’s break

More MJ says:

Just got kicks hope there good

Gun White says:

custum x fins

Martin Stefanek says:

What abour bodyboarding with freediving fins ? Anyone try it before ?

littlebad22 says:

I have allys and they are awesome

Kara Crabtree says:


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