SWIMMER Magazine Fin Testing

U.S. Masters Swimming Editor-in-Chief Laura Hamel and Membership Coordinator Anna Lea Matysek as well as other USMS swimmers review the latest in swim fin technology.


Daniel Vazquez says:

Any advice on the Head Energy Swim fins?

Bluehopi Bridge says:

The brand FINIS is the most innovative lately , check them out !

roberto mabini says:

I hope you could review speedo fitness fins. Thanks 

Rob T says:

Nice review … I have the Finnis Zoomers, they work well for me … comfortable .. they feel heavy and as a result give me a good aerobic freestyle workout

User not found says:

best fins r bodyboarding fins … churchils. viper , stealths

Luther Rhein says:

if you get used to fins your swimming confidence and skill will die.

Bridget C says:

i use tritans and i like them

Leananshae says:

The hydro tech 2 is running between 75 and 85 euros a pair here in France. Sheesh. C’est cher!

Charles Smith says:

Really good article/video. As for the current issue. Thank you for the 5 points on Backstroke. I am habitually guilty of 3.

yogi yogi says:

number one fins is slim fin from force fin. by far. i have 5 pairs. worth every penny

Bonnie c says:

I would like to try the Zoomers 2 but don’t know what stores carry them yet. I don’t like buying this type of merchandise online because I like to try them on before purchasing them for the fit.

Hubert Balcerek says:

Try Najade fins.

v. maas says:


howard9110 says:


GnosisMan50 says:

I bought the TYR Crossblade and made sure it was a size large (42-43 9-11) which which suppose to fit my foot that measures 9.5 I was quite disappointed. They were too tight on me. I’ve used another pair from another brand with the same aforementioned large size and they fit me fine. So why does TYR make them small? Does this mean that each brand has their own version as to what large is? And what does the 42-43 mean anyway?

What upset me most is that I spent $15 for shipping. I’m not spending $15 to send them back and then another $15 to send me the right size. How is it possible that these fins are stamped 9 to 11 yet there is no way my foot fits let alone a size 11?
I can only hope you could make another video explaining the numbers on fins and why manufactures are apparently making their own versions of a large fin. It’s confusing and frustrating. .at this point, I don’t even know which one to get out of fear it won’t fit.

railroader555 says:

Well, what I take from this video is that there isn’t a bad fin on the market. Thanks!

Jackey Ramirez says:

so which is the no. 1 fin?

Dalan Lama says:

According to them, every pair is good. They probably get paid by the manufacturers to say so. Because I bought several pair of the fins recommended here. And many are NOT good.

Castaway says:

I’m going to give the Alpha Fin, I’ve got heavy legs in the water and I could benefit from the added ‘float’ feature.

Bonnie c says:

Zoomers gold irrate the toes when swimming a lot with them.

yogi yogi says:

number one fins is slim fin from force fin. by far. i have 5 pairs. worth every penny

MrInternetDude says:

Great job, i would love to work for u guys

Robert Brandywine says:

I think the first question is why are you buying fins?  What is the purpose?  Only after that can you decide what type of fin is right for you.

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