New Surf/Swim Fins Review and Comparison!

Review on some new surf/swim fins I purchased the other day! The brand is unknown (at least to me). Sorry about ending, I lost my train of thought after my roommate knocked on the door.


Andrew Salazar says:

hydro fins.. which are awesome and work great

manitsmatt says:

there elemonepee  or (LMNOP)

elpetardomalo999 says:

How much for the left churchill?

M Neves says:

the brand I bought is deeply. I have them for years now!

Delwin Olivero says:

try under hydro fins…u will find them.

Fernando Chaves says:

Hi, i’m 12 years old and i don’t now what the size to my feet ( I’m portuguese so is not the same number in there )

M Neves says:

I have a pair of those fins! they’re exactly the same, except for the brand, but everything else is the same. Possibly the same factory, only branded differently. I like them, but I have kinda wide feet, and they hurt after a while

Terrified Potato says:

the brand logo looks like pacman 😀

James Stewart says:

Have a look at hydro tech fins. Not the tech 2’s that are the current style. Your new fins look like a copy of them without the v side rails that the techs had on them. I use to know a lot of guys who bodyboarded with them back in the day. Use to be really good fins, bit on the heavy side. I am guessing yours would be lighter without the v sides. No idea about the brand though sorry.
ps. the grip on the bottom is more for drop knee riding on a bodyboard

Vinicius Modesto says:

I love Kpaloa !

M Neves says:

no, I also have hydro fins, and these are different

manitsmatt says:

P.S I own these but get so much out of my kick with churchills, for dropknee the LMNOP’s are good since they have a short fin, but for prone or bodysurf go with churchills their so fast

Delwin Olivero says:

that is a hydro fins cheap version, maybe made in Taiwan. 🙂 ..copycat

Jeremysw2 says:

Having used a variety of different fins over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that whats good for one person isn’t necessarily good for another. Its like bicycle seats – everyone has vastly different opinions of the same popular ones – Mostly because everyone has very different shaped feet.

Also – there is a lot made of thrust, but comfort is KING.

mike butler says:

Knock off hydro fins

vajradev says:

These are EON fins from legendary surfer Mike Doyle, they are based off Hydro Tech fins . The quality is excellent on these fins and they are comfortable and powerful fins .

TheAtomicPoisonFAN says:

Bro Those Are Hydro Fins Just Search Hydro Fins`

manitsmatt says:

correct spelling elemenohpee 

Josh Hicks says:

Did you get them from play it again in Laguna hills calli

Oscar Mcloughlin says:

lol i compared my custom xs to stealth s2s and the stealths were wayyyy to heavy and uncomfterble

andre ali says:

i know what those are

54t4n5w0r5tn1ghtm4r3 says:

hydro tech fin prototype 😉

Matthew de Heras says:

I recommend creatures fin savers so u don’t lose your fins

B.M.M says:

I got exactly the same model for 3$ at a flea market.
The size is XL when my actual size is M, which is fine because I use them with neopren surf boots for the winter.
They are not too bad, they are stiff, have power, they do the job. Maybe too much power sometimes, the big surface makes quick accelleration difficult. I find they work better with slower longer paddling.
I use them with the paipo or the surf mat, haven’t bodysurfed with yet, but I think they power should be an advantage for bodysurfing.

bodyboard says:

ive actually rode those before i mean ther
e OK but the truth is they don’t give you that much palpoltion it dosnt make you do to fast but i mean if you have them no reason to throw them away there pretty good fins 🙂

Oscar Mcloughlin says:

treds ffs dude sliping on reef or rocks has to be the one of the more painful things

grizzlygutch says:

i have stealth and i love them

Joe Bueno says:

i need my 8:40 of my life back

Noah C says:

I want to buy that yellow left foot churchill is it extra large ?

Jason Janora says:

yea i have a DK style board by this mysterious brand, i couldnt find any name for it, makes no sense. its not a bad board but i just dont have a clue about the brand. i checked everywhere and couldnt find anything

34thncrenshaw says:

how did they work out? they look decent

Miles Orr says:

Those are bull those are super crappy

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