MP Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Training Fins Review | First Impression!

Today’s video is a first impression on the MP Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Training Fins! I hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

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Products Used/Featured:

MP Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Training Fins:
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On Amazon:

Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel:
On Amazon:
On SwimOutlet:
On Speedo:

Phiten S-PRO Titanium bracelet:
On Amazon:
What I’m wearing in the pool:

Jolyn Gavin Tie-Back Onesie in Highlighter Yellow:

Engine Swim Cap:
On Engine:

Engine Weapon Classic Goggles:
On SwimOutlet:
On Engine:

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Video Reviews of Products Featured/Mentioned:

MP Michael Phelps K180 Goggle Review:

MP Michael Phelps FOCUS Snorkel Review:

Arena Powerfin Pro FIns Review:

ENGINE Weapon Classic Goggle Review:

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Caspesky says:


sam jia says:

love the video, I was consider whether to buy it. Thanks

Carolina Golding says:

I hated these fins, made feet float too much, they were so hard it reminded me of planks of wood and they hurt the tops of my feet (I have bony feet) because they are so hard. I use the Arena Power Fins and think they are AMAZIING xDDD

Zosia Krajcovic says:

I have the same sweatshirt which means we went to the same meet

Julianne M says:

Would love to hear your review on the Brick…

Andrew Smith says:

I have a idea for another idea for a video you should do a video of you and your sister having a race

Rebekka Haltiner says:

You should do a swimmer morning routine and night routine and a day in the life of a swimmer

Natalie's Vlogs says:

What are your equipment recommendations

Nicholas Ehrhart says:

oh my goodness impressive. where can I buy these fins? you’re like the best swimmer and the best YouTuber that I subscribe to. what else are you going to review next? can you do a swim meet vlog of the swim season? And I’ve got one more question for you can you make a video of your championships and award ceremonies. by the way is that the pool it looks like one of my high school swimming pools.

Brady Ford says:

Can you please do a review on the FINIS monofins? I would love to see that!

Lauren Bourgeois says:

are you sponsored by engine??

Anni K says:

Have you tried MP swimsuits?

Hone Raharuhi says:

where can you buy these

Nicola Watt says:

My pool the now has been same as yours just after Halloween it shut to fix some tiles took some off one the side walls and it crumbled so we haven’t got a pool we been jumping about everywhere so annoying. And we don’t know when it will be fixed or if it will be fixed 🙁 ps loved the video!

Adriana Sofi says:

when are you going to review the swedix goggle?

cas 17 says:

You should do a work out routine and another work out clothes haul! You are an awesome YouTube!

ChubbyBunny9000 says:

my dad tells me to put petrollium jelly to prevent the rubbing, I guess you can put it on the fins or on the back of your foot, wherever the rubbing happens :)) (check if it will ruin the fins tho, not sure if they’ll affect them)

임경석 says:

good 잘보고있어요~^^

Janice Barry says:

I’ve herd lip balm can help blisters

Olivia Kenney says:

Hey, so i just started up swim again, and your videos have really helped! I was just wondering if you would have any advice for me. My cap (silicone) does not stay on I always have to pull it down. I was wondering if you knew if i should get a smaller or bigger size or try lycra. I can’t use latex because I’m a little bit allergic. Thanks again!

Bryan Tapuy says:

Comfused on how her camera isn’t wet

James Partee says:

Conclusion: Awesome fins but not for training, light weight and unique curves.

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