Mirage Rubber Mermaid Fin Review

The rubber monofin from Mirage that can fit in most fabric tail skins (FinFun, Suntail, Magictail, Delfina ect.) Faith reviews its cosmetics, comfort, durability, customer service and performance.

I PURCHASED IT FROM HERE: http://www.fishingtackleshop.com.au/products/mermaid-fins-mirage-rubber-swim-fin.html

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Mermaid tail stuff:
Mirage Monofin in Blue
FinFun Monofin Pro
FinFun Ariel Green Tail (WS)
Magictail.de Arielle Tail (M)
Socks from Forever 21

Music used: Cancun by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena and Itty Bittty 8 Bit by Kevin MacLeod

Filmed with the Canon Rebel T5, and the GoPro HERO3
Edited using Adobe Premier Elements 14

Fun Fact: This is the first (full length) video I’ve made using Premier Elements. I only cried a little bit in the process of downgrading my editing software and process.


Fin Fun Mermaid says:

Thanks for the review, we strongly recommend only using the Fin Fun Monofin with Fin Fun’s tails skin to have the most comfortable and safe mermaiding experience. As you pointed out in your video, it takes much longer to remove the tail and monofin when a different monofin is used.

Kulta says:

You should upload another video showing more footage of the monofin in all of your different tails while swimming, love how informative this video is though!

epicmonsterbunniez says:

the very very last part- I’m dying lol loved your review

rainbowmermaid00 says:

Hello, I was wondering if you think it’s worth it to buy this fin to replace my Magictail.de fin(I have the older fin, the one before their recent update that increased durability in the fin)
I have had several of the Magictail fins crack and rubber just sounds like something I wouldn’t have to worry about this with. I have VERY small feet and about five years experience mermaiding for reference. Thank you for your time and the review!

Cassie Jasmin says:

which fabric mermaid tails can you use with this mono fin?

Hss Hsh says:

mot cai bao nhieu vay chi

Ella the Gymnast says:

I have that tail

Mylifeaslilyc says:

I am so happy my fin fun monofin got a hole in it and it sent a free monofin cover

Kit Kat says:

Im so jealous of your pool ;-;
i can barely swim with my tail in mine.
so… small…
i feel like a fish in a tank thats too small ;n;

AbiCake says:

Awesome video Faith!

Kiara Anthony says:

it cool

Chapera Pere Te Maro says:

Hi can you sent me a mermaid tail please i love your channels the most

LPS Artemis MLP Sunny Bright says:

The end lol xd



Kiara Anthony says:

it very very cool

phanabeth jacksøn says:


Lovisa W says:

Hi Faith. I really want to get a mermaid tail, but I’m really scared of how my friends will react. How did you tell your friends? Btw I’m 15 (soon 16).

Ava Smith says:

I love fun fun!

Maria Bennett Harford says:

For a thing please don’t BTW luv ur chanell

Spendall Life says:

Great review!! Thank you!

azelia zela says:

auntil boleh minta mermaid nya nggak

pipermarshmallow11 says:

*throws purple glitter everywhere*

Adrienne Jane says:


The Fun and Funtastic Morgan Rainbows Walsh says:

My first Mono fin was rubber and plastic and I l still love it. Its my only mono fin and im getting a new one this weekend

Tauriel The Element Merfairy. RebekahLeigh1979 says:

I have a Fin Fun tail set too in Arctic blue, bikini top, tankini top, bikini bottom, tail skin and monofin pro.
I’m thinking of when I can of getting the same Blue Meraige monofin too so that I can make a tankini top and tail skin in blue flower fabric but I’m not sure if it would fit me since I wear 8 and half in women’s shoe size since I’m a adult.
Would this monofin fit me also so that I will know if it does before I buy one on eBay?
If you can help me with my question that I said above please let me know as soon as you can here in the comments below and sorry that I couldn’t see how to spell the company name right while I’m typing this since I’m on my iPad mini 3.

CraftyIce Fox says:

So much science

Randomcommenting36 says:

Would the fin fun monofin fit inside a Magictail skin? Or vise versa?

Maria Bennett Harford says:

Plz don’t reply back

Maria Bennett Harford says:

I have the mirage fin…

Winter the Wolfie says:

hey so I caught that comment of yours in that fin fun limited edition tail video :> is there a new tail review in our future? :’D

The Best Mermaid Channel Ever says:

Great video on a new fin we haven’t seen before! Thanks for the review!

Monee love says:


ZanyProductionz says:

I would think that a rubber monfin would not give as much propulsion under the water because it’s floppy. What do you think?

AVienna K-Dub says:

Would a mahina monofin fit inside the fun fun skin?

Mermaid Katherine says:

Omg the ending haha

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