Luna Mermaid Swim Fin Review

Have you heard of the Luna monofin by finis? Have you thought about purchasing one but you weren’t sure if it was worth the money?
Well watch Aquamermaid school review with Marielle our head mermaid instructor expressing her honest and experienced opinion about the look, comfort, durability and performance of that fin.

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erica wantuck says:

Im 10 coment

Gitte Schultz says:

Thank you for an awesome, honest review! Glad you’ve stopped shitting on other brands (I know you haven’t done that for a bit now, but still cool).. 😛 May I suggest that you, for the purpose of keeping your brands integrity, remove the videos where you’re shitting on other brands, and maybe replace them with new, more honest videos? :O

Olivia Smith says:

Wth they didn’t say anything negative but they keep talking crap about fin fun and I heard she just got a knock off version off the fin fun tail.

AmielleANDJane CLg says:

check out fin fun mermaidtails limited addition it has more beutiful design’s

Come for me Duh says:

We’re did you buy it

Kitty Kat says:

Cam you do a coralseasmermaid review? They’re on Etsy

Jennifer Bowers says:

Enjoyed your review! I have a Luna Finis monofin and it does fit in a Finfun tail skin!!! Although the monofin is flimsy around the edges, as you state in your review, it stays in the finfun skin beautifully.

Doll Life says:

i love this

Kaitlyn Geivett says:

Thank you, SUPER helpful!!

Hana's diy life says:


Meow Malfoy says:

Would you recommend this fin or a full fabric tail for someone who just wants to learn how to do it?

Jessica Monique Esguerra says:

why is ur mermaid tails o expensive

LpsLuna says:

my username is lps LUNA!!!!!!!!!

Ariel Johnson says:

Cool fin

JalyGator says:

Do you know any fabric tails or monofins that are very good? any you could recommend?

Kulta says:

You actually are able to put fabric on top of it, which is what I already intended on doing once I bought it. I chose a fabric that went along with the blue and green of the fin, and made it myself so that it can attach between the fluke and not cover up the tips or the edges or anything.

Dame Melusine says:

Hi Marielle, thank you for the awesome review! I want one sooo bad now… BTW, how does it compare to the mahina?

H.D.A's_World says:

a couple days ago I went to your mermaid school in Phoenix Arizona!! it was such a blast!! thank you!

MisterBassBoost says:

Awesome video,Keep it up!

Pauline Johnson says:

I have a finis wave monofin in your opinion do you think it’s better quality than the mahina fin or the luna fin or is the finis wave the best (in your opinion)

Kevin FTV says:

Hey Marielle!
I always watching aqua mermaid videos and I love it all!
So can you give a giveaway please!!?

Mermaid mollie says:

Bye a niki styled tail from aquatails, they sell that fin with it

erica wantuck says:

45 like

Grace Fahey says:

Wow a aqua mermaid review where they don’t say everything negative.

Rose The Hedgehog says:

I need one of these, mainly because I want it to go with my little mermaid swim suit.

Cherry_420 says:

How would this monofin compare to the Mahina?

Kassandra Medina says:

If you buy one of these can u use a aqua mermaid material to put over the monofin

Bailey And Crystal says:

Do have a second channel? (A Minecraft gaming channel?) please answer

Samantha Jankowski says:

i can’t understand you

Alex M says:

Omg my name is luna

maria victoria lorenzomoreno says:

Hola me gustan sus colas sirena me mandarían una porque yo no tengo

Apollo_ 45s says:

I like watching these reviews just to see her in a bikini

Luna the succubus says:

Where can i get that fin

Sebel Overload says:

Can you please do a comparison video with the mahina and the luna finis and which one whould be better

DemiTheDope says:

your pool is filthy

Pizza Unicorn_Unlimited says:

Can you please do a dolphin kick tutorial I’m SO close to getting it I just need to get the hips part right and I NEED HALP

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