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Since there are no waves again, we will talk about something super important in Bodyboarding. And that is how to choose Bodyboarding Fins depending on your style.
I’f you are new and don’t know much aboyt bodyboarding, this how to is for you also if you are established bodyboarder but want to know about different kinds of fins like Makapuu or DaFin or Stealth, this guide is for you too.

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Useful links:
►Makapuu fins (UK):
— Large:
— Medium:
— Small:

►Stealth Fins:
— All sizes:

► Vision Blade:
— XL:
— Large:
— Medium:

► Mike Stewart Vipers
— Medium:
— Small:

► Maru training fins (can’t find Zoggs):
— All sizes:

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JM AF says:

I have the Stealth S2 and the Stealth S3. I was out this weekend in Cornwall and it was double overhead – and I felt I needed more paddle power – not for getting into the wave, but for the paddle out. I find the S3 too soft as you said, so use the S2 (straight edge) – but I still feel I want more power. Is there much between the Vipers and the Stealth S2 in power? I cycle 100 miles a week so have strong legs – but comfort is obviously important. If the Vipers are much more powerful than the Stealth S2, then I’ll take the plunge. What do you think?

gg757575 says:

I have used blue one.Power is not enough. It is Broken when Step on the oyster shell.

Luis codina says:

What about the fins for the winter when you need to use the boots, all are too tie and feel pain

Nigel Barrett says:

Thankyou great video i use hydro tech 2fine what is your opinion on them i need more power as i seem to miss a few waves everytime i go . I live in Cornwall.

Sandijs Juhnovec says:


Raphael Índigo says:

Grreeat vídeo, love it!

SirDezcartez says:

Finally a proper in-depth review of popular bodyboard fins! I have the original Makapuu’s and regular 5″ yellow dot Vipers. I agree, the Vipers are powerful but my legs get sore veryyy quickly. I also have Hydro Tech 2’s which are very comfortable but don’t have the power i need to paddle out during big wave days. After everything, I always go back to the Makapuu’s! Thanks for the great content!

Sandijs Juhnovec says:

hii nice vid 🙂

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