Finis Edge Fins Review! Hot or Not??

Today’s video is a hot or not review on the Finis Edge Fins! Thank you so much for watching! 🙂

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Finis Edge Fins:

Phiten S-PRO Titanium bracelet:
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Videos Mentioned/Reviews of Products Featured:

Arena Powerfin Pro Fins Review:

Masters Nationals Vlog:

Phiten S-Pro Titanium Bracelet Review:

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Sierra Hartmann says:

Loved the video like always!!! Is it possible do a hot or not or a review on the MP strength swim paddle, you can find them on swim outlet for 15$

Sanny Wan says:

can you do a review on DMC fins?

Arthur Savage says:

I think if you wore a few times for less time your foot could adapt and you would have no problem with them long term. However if there is a fin that fits perfectly already I’d buy that one again!

m a r g i says:

wooo not at school so i get to be early! yay ily ur videos!

Aidan Delehanty says:

Our coaches preferable fin is the sporti ones

Anand Rajhans says:

Finis z2 zoomer gold

Bianca izzi says:


Christina says:

I recommend the DMC elite fins

Swimmers are awesome says:

Only 12 minutes late

C's Polish says:

The inside of my fuji film camera got water inside. I think it was from not closing the battery door if you know what I mean. Any ideas?

Jenny G says:

Have You tried the DMC elite training Finis they are my favorites and I wear them to practice almost every day

iSofia says:

I use DMC swinfin fins and i love them they are so simular than the Arena ones

Pretty Fly says:

Whenever you post I have a swim meet on

Jenny Martin says:

You should try out the DMC fins, I really love them and they never give me blisters.

Jack Chan says:

hello beauty,I have question for the fins .When I practice freestyle with the fins,it can improve my kicking efficiency,but when I take my fins off,I felt I don’t know how to kick. So is it over-reliant to practice kicking with fins? Please forgive my poor grammar,and hope you can understand my question~

Anna Cain says:

Are you going to buy another pair of arena fins because honestly those are the fins I swear by lol

Penelope Harper says:

Try the DMC fins!

Jenny Martin says:

I love your beanie!

Minnie 14 says:

Really good video

susan jones says:

Shame about the fins. I like finis zoomers and aquasphere fins. Plus the positive drive fins. Real shame about the blisters. My cats hate me today I frontlined them ( flea spot on )

Iñigo Suarez says:

Lindsey, behind you!

Annie Hippen says:


Paris Wolf says:

Wear “fin socks” to prevent blisters.

Taylor Xoxo says:

Good video

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