FinFun Mermaid Tail Review

My much-needed updated review on a FinFun mermaid tail from the Mermaidens Collection! My honest opinion on its cosmetics comfort durability, customer service and performance.

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Music used: Too Cool Kevin MacLeod

Filmed with the Canon Rebel T5i, and the GoPro HERO3
Edited using Adobe Premier Elements

Fun Fact: Did anyone catch my references to my first FinFun review?


Sophia Timbol says:

Faith. I. Have. A. Purple. Tail

Anna Haney says:

You should do mermagica. I got one a while ago, they are pretty good

Whitney Awesome says:

@faithonthebass What is your favorite monofin to use inside a FinFun skin? I don’t love the FinFun Pro monofin because my feet move around in it quite a bit.

SillyFace03 :D says:

Thank you Faith for this review! I’ve been looking to get a tail of my own, but I didn’t know where to start. I had hear of the FinFun company, but couldn’t find any videos on their website that showed how well the tails worked. Now I know that this brand will be a better one compared to the others I’ve seen. Thanks!!

Blossomness Studios says:

I am getting a tail soon, and I am not sure what brand it is. I wish it were a finfun (sort of) it is orange and yellow, like a sunset, and I want to call my to-be tail sunset blossom. What do you think? reply your thoughts please. I need more ideas.

the fantastic five and 1/2 says:

So im looking at the finfun tail and I looked at the green jade tail and with the top and monofin was only $110

BFF GamerGirlz says:

I got that tail tip plastic stuff on my tail

Tumbling Donuts says:

go check out finfun’s latest vid

Xoliswa Bam says:

Faith ur da best

Forever The 3 Of Us says:

Okay so I am 13 and I’m a size 12. Would I get a 10 or 12 in kids?

Jillian Zito says:

Faith can you please review the eBay mermaid tail❤️❤️

RoseMarie Arbeeny says:

im ordering my new fin fun mermaid tail. im getting the one u have. the one i have now to falling apart!i can wait until it comes!!!!!!!

xo Nichole xo says:

Does the Model Fin come w the tail or is it separate?

Kawaii lps girl 966 says:

You were my inspiration to become an 11 year old mermaid

Jacob Baker says:

dang you got a lot of mermaid tail s

Madylan Shaw says:

Can you use a sun tail monofin with a fun fun tail?

Charb says:

i got one last year after wanting one for a year! i love it so much!

Hufflepufflez :3 says:

the pool you swim in looks like my schools. I’m missing it so much, I get so bored on land

Nerdmaid Faith says:

What is your favourite part about FinFun mermaid tails? Comment below!

hotdogs4days says:

“the tail is vary big so go a size down.” I ordered a woman’s small.


Marlene Pergande says:

The Color

Fun With McKenna says:

That’s the one I’m buying the purple one

Cassidy Cisco says:

this is cool and she has A lot of mermaid tails

Shirororasuketo says:

I got a small I really hope it fits me.I’m nervous it won’t fit the way I want it to.

slime time chime says:

How many tails do you have

KatyKittenPlayz! says:

I love the look and the way they make u swim I ordered one it’s coming hope it comes soon

Ashlyn Sheshynna Selvadurai says:

How to identify which is the front and back of the tail ?

Sienna's Vlogs says:

One time I was swimming in my mermaid tail in my cousins pool and one of my cousins comes up to the pool and says “I didn’t know she was a mermaid instead of a human!”

Squishiequeen says:

the purpose of a lose foot place for the monofin is because it’s for easy release so that if you are drowning you can easily kick it off

Gemma's Hamsters says:

I want to get either a blue tang or a clownfish one from Fin Fun but I don’t know which one! I really like both!

A fabulous Aquamarine trashcan says:

I’m making my own tail, but I’m using a fin fun monofin- if the tail skin itself were to have a larger fluke, would it be a challenge to swim in?

Max Tull says:

Hey Faith I have names for the Fin Fun Mermaid Tails I currently have
1) Triton (Crystal’s Arctic Blue)
2) Ariel (Brynn’s Celtic Green)
3) Aquamarine (Mariana’s Tidal Teal)
4) Dory (Blue Tang)
I hope you like the names! 🙂

Toriel Dreemurr says:

Thank you for your r review of this tail!! At 1st I wasn’t sure if Fin Fun mermaid tails where the best for beginners but after this quick review I’m finally ready to get my 1st mermaid tail!! Thank you so much!!!

BTSLike Yas says:

My name is faith lol

Eagle Teresa says:

*clap clap clap*
An honest review!

Alessia Saliby says:

I just got a mermaid tail from fin fun I got the crystal blue one I think that is what it is called I got the one with the new reinforced tips BC u are super inspiring

Virginia Wilson says:

Hey faith can you do a video on what type of mermaid tricks you can do?

Epic Derp says:

you are  terable to fin fun:[

20 century Girls says:

I got 5 mermaid tails

Kymber Stark says:

I LOVE my fin fun mermaid tail!!!

Ruby Matthews says:

The designs

Alessia Saliby says:

I got it for my birthday

Alessia Saliby says:

My tail came in like 1 day it was SOOOOOO fast

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