Dol-Fin Monofin Review

Have you heard of the Dol-Fin Monofin? Have you thought about purchasing one but you weren’t sure if it was worth the money? Well watch Aquamermaid school review with Marielle our head mermaid instructor expressing her honest and experienced opinion about the look, comfort, durability and performance of that fin.

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Hope Johanson says:

My mom might buy a fin from ur guys website

SI Béam says:

met c’est pas une monopalm çe truc

LPS Fluffy Fuzz Productions says:

Nice!!!!! This is very useful! Thank you so much for uploading so frequently!! I love your channel!! Your voice is so pretty! <3

Emma Howard says:

My first vid as a subscriber!!!!!! Love yalls channel!!❤

Koren McCarthy says:

I think aqua mermaid is the best tail company

Mariel Vegafria says:

26th comment!!! Ilysm

ChirpyChirpyCrafts says:

Can you make a video of all the mono fins you have experienced which one is the fastest?

Hope Johanson says:

Im too old for fin fun

Hacker Si THC says:

Where can I find one from internet that it could come to Cyprus?

Jack Sparrow says:

I will probably not see any answer, if you give me one… but I’ve been in contact with the creator of the Dolphin Fin… he’s 92 years old ‘n’ still going strong! I think I’m the LAST person to get one, cause he told me his web site is now “Out Of Business”… so now he’s only asked me for $110. USD. I really like my Dolphin Fin!

Captain Pearly Sparrow says:


Sabrina Maharry says:

Instead of making it for humans they should make it for Dolphins that don’t have fins

Hope Johanson says:

Cool fin!

merman Mikey says:

how much is the fin

Allie Borland says:

When you showed us the size of the Dol-phin tail, you showed the new Fin Fun monofin as a comparison. So if you have the new fin fun monofin, why use the old fun fun model in your other review videos, for example: your toy vs professional tail review?

Koren McCarthy says:

Aqua mermaids mono fin looks like the highest quality and their tail designs are super pretty

Emma Howard says:

I would love a video on mermaid makeup and jewelry for under the water and some good tails for this age group (11-14)❤

Harlowe Brown says:

Oh wow so cool

Fabian Franz says:

Because I had to lookup that (via Google): 27″ is 68,58cm

TheCakeThatYoongiThrewAtNamjoonInTheSpringDayMV says:

is there a way to make a fabric or “skin” for this monofin similar to mermaid tails?

Jade Hunter says:

Oh yeah it really isn’t that tick

Pixiewings504 says:

whenever I try to swim like that doing the wavy motion, it kind of looks like I’m just flopping around. any advice?

Vanilla Sprinkle says:


summer bodam says:

I want the fin!!!!

Kelsie Roach says:

How can i purchase this??:)

animalmagic 22 says:


SI Béam says:

c’est quoi s’ait monopalme

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