why we shoot the SMB the way we do.

Lots of questions on why we shoot the SMB the way we do. Here´s the explanation – hope this helps and thanks for all the feedback.


Channel Islands Scuba says:

Beautiful. Thanks for posting.

andreas schüro says:

Hi Achim!
Can you show us how to set the smb, when diving with a rebreather?


Mungo Biker says:

As ever…brilliant

Ashanti Dutch says:

good to see that you are back, thanks for uploading

James Fisher says:

It seems my smb is harder to blow up then everyone else in these videos! Is it harder in colder water?!

Jean-Pierre Verbeke says:

What about the danger of barotrauma when inflating the smb by mouth as some instructor told me in my CMAS dive course, better to do with inflator hose or reg if possible…?

Nick Weightman says:

I tried this a few times to practice: I did start to ascend before inflating the SMB because it was natural to take a bigger breath just prior to inflation to get enough air into the bag, especially at a shallow stop. I had to fin slightly to maintain my depth just as in the video. This system works. Thanks for breaking it down into steps.

Pierre Charland says:

Interesting approach to the dsmb routine. Most of the methods I’ve seen recommend having the two components separated at the start, only to be assembled at the time of deployment. You opt for a pre-assembled setup (the spool is attached to the buoy at the outset) which makes sense to me: the vast majority of use-cases is specifically for dsmb deployment – why not have the setup as ready as possible for a swift action? Do you have an explanation for such a difference between the two approaches? I mean, is there a compelling reason why one would prefer having to assemble the two components underwater? Thanks. Kudos for your work.

Lenny Mayer says:

Are you german? You´re englisch is very well. But your accent sounds german. 😀

Ryan Mcshane says:

Thank you Akim, i have followed your videos since early in my diving career and they have helped me so much !

Reza Gorji says:

Another great video. Thank you.


Regarding the checking for divers above, ISE is about team diving, the team should really pick up on having divers or boats above.

beluil says:

hi Achim. would you recommend oral inflation of large (180cm) dsmb or rather lp hose? thanks

sharkwater says:

Is that Aquaventure in Anilao where you are?

th4n says:

Thank you.
your videos are always helpful. How do you like your fins also (scubapro seawing nova?).

inyourfaceicity says:

Your buoyancy does NOT change when you inflate the DSMB, because the increase in the volume of the DSMB is compensated by a decrease in the volume of your lungs. Hence there is no need for that weirdness with the long hose in your left hand; just use your right hand as usual.
Your buoyancy DOES change once you inhale again, so make sure to let go of the bag first.

Bogy 1 Kinoby says:

Great video!

Marat Zhandossov says:

Hello, Achim. Thank you for the video.
Is there any reason why you dont put a small amount of air into SMB before opening it (removing bungee)? It helps me to keep SMB from floating anywhere in my working area before I start to inflate it.

Dirk Ferrato says:

The best declaration, ever

Lossann says:

Nice video. but i think your bubble check is was not okay… looks Like your Wing is licking.

Phil Galletta says:

Excellent video on deployment. Would you review how to rig the SMB & reel. Also, what are your thoughts on where to stow them while diving? I noticed you had them on the left waist d-ring. Would that interfere with stage bottles if you were using them?

Jerry Ayling says:

I know other agencies teach to make a visual check above you before you finally let the SMB go. Is that not something you teach, and if not, what is the reasoning? Regards, Jerry

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