Triton oxygen mask allows underwater breathing without oxygen tanks

Originally published on January 27, 2014


South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon claims to have invented an oxygen mask which can draw air from water as you swim, allowing users to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks.
Called Triton, the mask is a mouthpiece respirator that allows users to breathe underwater by simply biting on the mouthpiece, which eliminates the need to inhale or exhale.

According to reports, the mask’s two arms act like the gills of a fish.

The water is first sucked in by the arms. The oxygen is then extracted by a filter with fine threads and with holes smaller than water molecules.

The excess fluid is then released while the oxygen is stored using a micro compressor inside a small tank.

The compressor is powered by a micro battery that is supposedly 30 times smaller than its contemporaries, but charges a thousand times faster.

Yeon himself describes it as “a future product”, not yet available in stores, that could change people’s approach to water.


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imp3r1alx says:

there really are no law or regulation for self claim products that lie it can do this or that huh ??


how to get it

Monkey FunkR says:

I too have a future product called Bullshittium. It’s a revolutionary power source that will finally unlock the cosmos.

Harry Pjotr says:


Jake Harman says:

0:25 oxygen molecules are bigger than water molecules.
Any way, it would need to take in around 100 litres of water per minute (around 2 litres per second)

Matthew Smith says:

This mask won’t work it is impossible. Oxygen molecules are bigger than water molecules because in nature o is o2 which means there is two oxygen molecules

Caleb E says:

How do they filter out the salt?

Del says:

This is total rubbish.

Ternedo says:

Thing was so fake

Mia Diaz *Marco Diaz's Sister* says:

Soooo, you are literally breathing 100% Oxygen?

Viktor Vedmak says:


Caleb Bazini-Barakat says:

No guys i tried it. It worked for about 4 minutes until i started to permanently damage my body

Peter King says:

Also on this day, April 1st…….

David Rusev says:

thats so fake

Justa Gamer says:

Im not taking any chances cause once your fvcked, your fvcked lol

Max Bro says:

Reminds me of subnautica

BansheeFox says:

This was proven fake a while ago. Besides, water molecules are smaller than oxygen.

Kenny Bossio says:

Where u buy this and what it called?

Irish Freestylers says:

This is like them things from starvwars

CoffeeBoiShitpost says:

Should have gave it to amphibious /k/ommando

Jon DavaoCity says:

I heard his next product is a pill that turns water into gasoline. Either that or a machine that extracts gold from seawater.

Fallen Mango says:

You could still get the bends or oxygen poisoning

Tobias Duncan says:

I love all these skeptical comments from 4 years ago. They are all pretty quiet now though that everyone has one of these and the invention has changed swimming forever.

Prankster Gamerz! says:


O0G L0RD says:

GUYS DON’T BUY THE FACE MASK SNORKEL, since you can breathe through your mouth AND nose, there us more carbon dioxide build-up, which can lead to dizziness, and when you’re dizzy, it’s hard to tell what’s going on, you might be drowning, and not know it

Pickled Sausages says:

Its probably real and just uses current rebreather tech. Only problem is it would only be good for very shallow dives and for short periods of time.

jellyfishattack says:

Why is this utter BS scam still on YT? It was debunked by actual scientists as soon as it was unveiled (4 years ago). It was funded via a crowdsourcing site, and the pseudo inventor/scammer was sued by his patrons and ordered to repay 92 million (I believe).

minhaz hosen says:

water contain very small amount of oxygen

Eprocuber says:

How much dose the triton cost

Sergio De la rosa says:

This can’t be real

Brenden Fowler says:


MySpoot says:

What I’m curious in is the straw that let’s you drink 3to5+/-? liters from ANY water source.

elvis de guzman says:

prototype from metal gear

moonskin1976 says:

^creator of the video (and mask creator) doesn’t understand basic chemistry. The mask works as long as you can hold your breath…

Tekagi says:

Clickbait; automatic down-vote.

Obvi Kellz says:

It’s not real

J H says:

I can’t believe this video still exists after being so thoroughly debunked…..

Lawrence Mascarenhas says:

What if the battery runs out

Phil Edwards says:

As a seasoned diver I have serious concerns about the claims this makes! If the battery is so good why haven’t the mobile phone companies jumped on the bandwagon? and to filter and pump enough O2 to the swimmer the batter and pump would have to filter and provide almost a coke bottles worth of air to the swimmer when even at a shallow depth. I am sure the military would love something like this but until I personally see one in action I wouldn’t touch it!!

NicksterB says:

James bond tech…. I bet this is old too.

Mr Vodo says:

How much is it and where can i get it?!!

John Pelham says:

Old video . It failed. Maybe someday.

mobicube says:

Them look just like my bike handle grips… sweet, I already own half of one of these!

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