Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask review

Tribord easy breath snorkle Mask review by Nick Chitty
since filming they have produce more sizes hence the change in the sizing chart….


Sergei Minchev says:

Hi Nick. My name is Sergey Minchev – Bulgarian – I live in France . This mask is my invention – invented it and patented in 1994. All European companies producing diving equipment refused me to manifakturing this mask – very complicated to manifacture. After 20 years – in 2014 a French company Tribord began to produce my mask without paying me any rights without even gave me Information. Now i begin to patented a new generation from this mask for diving – 20 meter – no more problem with pressure – full automatic…  :Google Kit du traducteurGadget TraductionOutil d’aide à l’export

Hank Buk says:

Amazing! What I don’t understand is if you can actually breathe underwater. Is it possible, even if for a few seconds?

Romanaudrey Roman says:

does anyone know if there is a big difference between the Tribord and the Neopine I am in the market to buy one but the tribord is so much more expensive

Monkeypod FPV says:

Great review brother!! very indepth.  I now have the mask( and so doe s my son and wife and mother-in-law) and can validate 100% what you claimed you experienced!!

MrDemontrigger says:

I have just come back from the Great Barrier reef with this mask. I can’t really compare to other masks as I have only snorkeled a few times with the old conventional ones. I hated a mouth piece in my mouth. But these Easy breath masks are amazing for the money at £35. On the whole they do work like a charm and you can have long periods of usage. But a couple of times the airways became blocked which gave me one last breathe of air. Not sure if this was from the one-way valves under your eyes or the ball in the snorkel tube. But it caused me to immediately take off the mask.

Jo Clare says:

hi Nick, thank you will give it a good rinse, sounds like someone is snoring!!!! your video is fantastic thank you

Greg Bowie says:

Hi Nick, what did you say about stubble? I can’t make it out, it sounds like either “it’s not going to be fine” or “it’s normally fine”?

Carolyn Jones says:

Thanks Nick ,amazing thanks for sharing. Sent it to my brother ,going there for 50th birthday .Take care

Devin C says:

How do u deattach the snorkel

Mark Forcella says:

Very nice review and much appreciated. Well done! We were also on Biyadhoo last year but snorkeled with “regular” masks. Too bad we havn’t seen these before!!! Do you still recommend this product? As our next vacation is in Thailand and I’m willing to purchaise the mask. Thanks!

Sabrina Molina says:

Wow, the underwater footage is amazing! The Ocean is such a beautiful and mysterious place. Thank you for sharing this!

David Storton says:

I’d really love to see what you did with the glasses, I was thinking that I was going to have to go the way of the contact lens (I DON’T GET ALONG WITH THEM AT ALL) Great video mate best on these masks (there are a lot of reviews)

mestido says:

How is the build quality of this mask? Looks pretty cheap…

BRAND-X says:

Would be nice if you could put subtitles on the vid, the background sound and music virtually drown your voiceover and I really struggled to hear it. Any comment on what maximum depth was comfortable?

ajlbeer says:

Great footage! Wow!

Devin C says:

How do I properly remove it tho I just got it and don’t know how to take it off

harman kardon says:

wen You are diving der how Do You take the pressure from your ears?

txchpr1986 says:

Excellent underwater footage!!! Nice job!

Zane Morris says:

Wow amazing video beautiful underwater scenery

Nisha Khatoon says:

how do you equalize your ears while wearing this mask?

Jim Pisello says:

First, thanks so much for your fine reveiw, and those fantastic underwater shots. Your video answered nearly all of my questions about this product.

I have heard some reviewers state that it can be hard to breathe vigorously when using this mask. Can you comment on how much “active” swimming/snorkeling you can do with this mask on? I understand that snorkeling is usually a pretty low energy activity, but sometimes I like to do a little more vigorous swimming to get from one part of the reef to another. Do you think I’d have trouble doing that whilst wearing this mask?

april delarosa says:

is it good for free diving?

Funtime hz says:

Can you breath under water?

Joyce Joseph says:

WOW oh Wow. I felt as if I was there with you and your wife, snorkeling in the Maldives. Such beautiful water and sea life. This was one of your most beautiful videos and it had nothing to do with hearing. How do things look thru the mask? You has an extension for your cam then another filming you. I guess there is no way you can show what you actually see thru the mask. Since it is blue and not clear I thought perhaps everything you saw would have a bluish hue to it. In any case, this was wonderful. I could watch it over and over. So peaceful. So lovely. What a wonderful way to snorkel. The last time we snorkeled was in 1990 in Cozumel, Mexico. It was beautiful but we had older rented equipment. Nothing like this state of the art mask. Just thankful to see what the cam saw. Thanks Nick.

leonardo1480 says:

does the blue tint help in anyway to spot things like jelly fish easier, (that is one of my phobias)

Jo Clare says:

Hi,I have watched a couple of short films about the Easybreath found it amazing. Mine has arrived this morning. No one mentions the noise. Are they noisy? maybe the snorkel valve I don’t know. Havent tried it in water yet as not had the opportunity. Going to Red Sea in a couple of weeks and hoping it will be wonderful I always have a problem with salt water in my eyes then I finish for the day as my eyes are sore!! sad eh?Thank you

Kevin Durham says:

Absolutely fantastic video!!

losFondos says:

Nice video”! Could I use this mask with a beard?

Windhy Nila says:

Doc, next time you must diving in bali and please be my guest

Magdalene Marie Dubois says:

Thank you so much  Nick for the undersea adventure…I am bedridden and never had the chance. It was great to pith through you.  God bless you, you’re in my prayers.

Sorchia says:


BoldTrooper says:

What size do you have?

Nick Chitty says:

Thanks Joyce the vision is amazing. Far better than normal goggles.

Louis F. says:

So, if you go underwater, you just have to stop breathing, and can just start breathing back at the surface? Without blowing any water out?

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