Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Review – From Waikiki Hawaii!

Tribord Full Face Snorkel Review – This is a review and demonstration of the Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask. We tested this full face snorkle mask out snorkling in Haunama Bay and Waikiki Hawaii.

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Also see review of another snorkel mask available on amazon in this video

With your mouth closed, measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin:
If it measures less than 10 cm (3,9″), choose size XS
If it measures less than 12 cm (4 3/4″), choose size S/M
If it measures more than 12 cm (4 3/4″), choose size ML
If it measures more than 13 cm (5 1/8″), choose size L/XL

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Lipcsai Szilveszter says:

what does the click here button do?

cisco_boss modz says:

can you breath underwater

Look Who's Blogging says:

we were just in waikiki and coulve’ used that face snorkel!!!

Regina Y says:

I just bought one of these and it makes a snorting/snoring sound when I breathe! Is that normal??

Elizabeth Lanahan says:

which size mask did you buy?

Fonzy Lopez says:

this is what helped me discover your page… im in the market for one of these masks… i could have definitley used one of these bahamas

cisco_boss modz says:

yeah thanks

Tim V says:

what size mask did you select? when ordering its asking for a size. how does one know what size is right? or how did you determine size?

Rui says:

I have one of this, I cant wait for Summer!!!! EasyBreath Is Inovation on Snorkling fans
PS: Im gonna buy another one 😉

– Portugal

Henry The dog says:

I was waiting for someone to try it in a beach similar to mine is this in brazil or in Portugal cause it looks like those

SuperTreyTable says:

I wanna go there

U R NOT ME says:

Water looks really murky…

island boi says:

I know am going to really enjoy my mask especially in the crystal clear Bahamas ocean.

Marcus Mills says:

she’s hot

Jonathan Thomas says:

I’m in Waikiki right now and I picked up one of these tonight cause I’m going snorkeling tomorrow. Do you suggest staying under water for long periods of time? I bought the poi pounders brand

Marcus Mills says:

but the mask is cool also

Laura Cooper says:

So the water enter in the mask (?)

Unity Fusion says:

OMG! I literally flew there on Nov. 9th and stayed at the exact same resort until Nov. 13th!

Maria Andrade says:

Thanks for the demo, just got one for my birthday I will be in Kauai and Waikiki in Jan. Really excited about trying it out. Thank you again for the tips.

Nuts In Puss says:

Thanks for uploading this. What’s the water temps at Haunama Bay at the beginning of October?. Is the water warm enough to not need a suit?

cisco_boss modz says:

so you can use it under water and no water will get in or for a certain time?

sherlyn Vargas says:

How much did yours cost?

Zaytality! - Video Games! says:

The beginning is cringy(i cant spell, idk if i spelled beginning wrong

Poisonspeed305 says:

she sexy! and nice review too.

change your life says:

Good one 🙂

Eestoyen H2O says:

Good demo; thanks

Curious About Travel says:


Henry The dog says:

One thing I was wondering is does this mask make you float and harder to go down cause of the air or are they like normal snorkels and don’t make a diferent

Alan Podmore says:

great review. .did yours make a whistling noise when you breathe. .. i really liked mine but i had trouble breathing see my review here could use your advice

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