Testing Suggestions On The Seaview 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask At Navutu Stars Yasawa Island Fiji

A bunch of Givers made comments suggesting what I need to do with the Seaview 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask so here at Navutu Stars Yasawa Island in Fiji, I tested those suggestions. If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy: http://www.bjwok.com/lightroom6presets/lightroom-6-presets-for-music-photographers/

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If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy: http://www.bjwok.com/lightroom6presets/lightroom-6-presets-for-music-photographers/


Butt Cheek says:

When the snorkel tube is under water can u still breath under water?

gasy american says:

You should yawn hard it really works to equalize

Techy Savage says:

well here is a tip when i yawn i seem to equalize even tho i don’t no much about it it seems for me al the ways work

Brutalityonearth says:

If your glass is rinsed by water than the anti fog components are rinsed away as well. To prevent that to happen you should not let water inside, which is really difficult to manage. Same thing with spitting. When you spit, why rinse it? It doesn’t make sense. After spitting, cover all the area and use it without rinsing the mask. I use the same method for swim wear goggles and it works perfectly fine. It may fog up after several hours, then spit again. Btw, that’s a nice view.

ShowSlimStunna says:

I lost my mask in punta Cana.
Water kept leaking in my mask & it kept fogging up,,, I wanted to get a new 1 for Mexico in 2 weeks.
Thanks to this video tho, im not buying another 1. Im saving my money. Thankyou man.

venkat chinni says:

Me too. I can only equalize only if I close my nose.

Sue Sturges says:

Long ago with old time mask, spit not so much, rub around and don’t rinse. Worked. When you breath, you doing that under water? Don’t, just at surface. I like this type of mask but not sure which brand yet. Enjoyed your video! Ames, Iowa, USA

The diamond armor says:

Mate just try to unseal the white part ok bye maty

C R says:

The problem is this mask – its one of three patents, i.e.; basically “generations”. The other versions are the Tribord and the Aria. The new generation that has overcome the fogging issue is the Aria by Ocean Reef, about $ 120.00 US. We have used ours extensively for nearly 100 hours in Maui, St. Thomas, St. John, St. Lucia and Martinique, all without fogging issues. You do not, and must not, use any materials or coatings to prevent fogging, just mild detergent and cleaning with clear water. The only US Ocean Reef reps are here in nearby San Marcos, California, and this is the explanation the Italian-based representatives provide. They give outstanding customer service, a 2-year no-questions warranty, and a great pro-quality product. We heartily recommend them over the other older versions of the full-face mask. As with any full-face mask, these are limited to about 12-feet and less surface snorkeling as equalization is only overcome with $400 diving masks that have internal paddles to equalize pressure.

Reha Ozer says:

Mate try Gillette foam gel,somehow it works 🙂

TonariNoTony 英会話 says:

Mate, great work. Absolutely loving these. Excellent resilience in your testing too! You didn’t give up at all!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Tim Bates says:

CO2 buildup is the deal breaker. Leads to increased breathing rate which leads to increased heart rate. Then the heavyset dude who doesn’t swim very well has a heart attack. And you cant hear him screaming cuz his mouth is covered. I do NOT allow these on the boat. Sorry. Not sorry.

Samuel Bachar says:

The Aria by Ocean Reef was one of the fist full face snorkel mask. Try that one and see the difference. You are using a “made in China” version of this mask. It is probably not made well. For equalizing using the Valsava Maneuver (pinching your nose), is mostly bad technique that prevents people from successfully equalizing. If you have a very narrow Eustachian tube, that my be you physiology that makes it hard or impossible. You are not blowing air from your lungs to your middle ear. By doing this maneuver, you simply forcing your Eustachian tube to open and by doing that, allowing air at ambient pressure, to travel from your throat and into your middle ear, thus allowing it to equalize.

If you felt like its getting hard to breath, like you were breathing CO2, then the mask is not built right and shouldn’t be used. The are s lot of “fake” masks out there. Be careful, as you can pass out on the surface and drown. It could happen without warning!

It could be a number of reasons why you couldn’t defog the mask. That shouldn’t be a big deal though. Google how to defog a diving mask and you will fine all the help you need.

Nice video, thanks!

Saurian Tyrannosaurus rex says:

try using very dilute dish soap
and don’t rinse it out
and try these two both again, but don’t rinse them out too

Milkyjoe says:

Which brand of mask should I get?

Nour Ghafarji says:

i was thinking is there a way to attach an air tank to the snorkel on this mask

FarmerTanTerror says:

Couldn’t you chew gum whilst wearing that mask? That always works to equalize when driving through the mountains.

Redastic Gaming says:

R.I.P 100£

George Bennett says:

Your nose clamp was on the wrong way. That’s why when you breathed out air came out. The clamp should go up your nose and over the bridge if u get what I mean?

William Barrizonte-Rojas says:

took mine to Cuba this past August, very warm waters there and everyone enjoyed it! I use anti fog cleaner before each use you only need a little spray of it! The breathing part did need getting used to and that mask is not for diving, it says so before you buy it but I love my mask!

Tofi S. says:

there is a plenty of Mask diving similar to this one probably you are using the cheaper one 😛

《 WowCraft 》 says:

It fogged cuz it was wet. Every time you put it on, and your face and the mask must be wet

Chris Darke says:

So when acquiring a new dive mask which usually have glass lenses, you would rub some WHITE toothpaste with a tiny bit of water on each lens, rubbing it thoroughly with your finger, rinse and repeat about 5 times… then once you go to dive, use baby shampoo or dish soap, a little drop on each side, leave it to sit a few mins, then rinse out, but don’t be TOO thorough about the rinsing! If it’s spit don’t even both rinsing it..
Of course, that mask had a plastic lens of probably dubious quality but I doubt the toothpaste would have had a negative impact on it.. the idea is the toothpaste removes the protective layer that’s placed on at production time, and the soap is to stop fog building up on the lens..
but yeah, that mask looks like an overall bad idea! There are dive masks that have great visibility, and don’t complicate things, take a look at a Hollis M1 mask.. I fully recommend it!

KWH says:

I have the product from the company that invented this design, Decathlon, and it doesn’t fog up. For equalizing at shallow depth a very hard swallow works.

diejoy 56 says:

um can you give me one to try it out

parula321 says:

Your not alone. The only way I can equalize underwater is holding noise. I’ve tried all these other methods which I desperately hoped would work with no luck. Thing is blowing through the nose takes more energy then the other methods and prevents me from diving deeper I believe. Great videos!

pHoEn|}{-GR says:

Thank you for the review, was really helpful. Thumbs Up!!

Mansoor Ahmed says:

You can use toothpaste but you do it without water then you add water to clean . We use soap to defog

Barclay Betteridge says:

If you want a mask cheaper go on to the app called wish great app

goddogo1 says:

I use to work at a place that required me to wear a full face respirator for 10hr shifts Monday thru Friday. I wear glasses and had to use these special inserts that had glasses affixed to them in my respirator. I had issues with the respirator and glasses fogging up all the time. I remember when I was younger my grandmother told me “if you don’t want your bathroom mirror fogging up put a tiny bit of shaving cream on it”. So that’s what I did to my respirator and glasses. The thing is you just use a tiny amount of shaving cream, and you rub it all over the inside until it disappears. Don’t wash it out. And you don’t go full reeeeee with the shaving cream either like you did with the toothpaste. The object to putting the spit, toothpaste, or shaving cream is to have a barrier on the glass preventing it from fogging up. How did that concept go over your head, when you thought it was a good idea to wash it out?

K. Proc says:

Do not use any chemicals, they pollute the waters. It’s selfish and irresponsible of you. Just for a few minutes of your pleasure you contribute to pollution of the waters you swim in!!!

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