Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask Review

Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask

Seaview 180:
Vaincre 180:


Kiko Macchiavelli says:

I can’t believe you don’t mention the fact that you can’t dive down more then a couple of feet with these masks. Because you can’t pinch your nose to equalize. That’s like a car without a stirring wheel. A plane that only flies 10 ft off the ground. AND YOU DON’T EVEN MENTION IT!?!?!?

Al Bundy says:

Impossible to clear while submerged, water constantly getting in from all over the place, design so that airflow goes in front of the mask I guess to prevent fogging which introduces constant airflow over your eye balls, snorkel is fairly short. Other than that it is great.

Elias Perez says:

thanks a lot for the review! this is the only real review of this product online

Tucker Hates Cobouse says:

are u able to breath fully under water

MeoWffle CAT says:

just bought one and this video was very helpful!

Fabricio E. Rambaldi says:

Perfect review

Chris Sucharda says:

so this is a clone of the original tribore mask. interesting. how was the pressure when you dive below the surface? how is the leak rate?

SIECIKSuc says:

Any idea of where to get this mask now? All they have on Amazon and on their own site is a version that is flat faced, which causes distortion along the angled portion in the plastic. I am looking for this exact panoramic one. I want to buy several of these.

Austin says:

Very helpful, thanks Brent!

Michael Kula says:

Hi Brent, I am researching multiple full-front snorkeling masks and how does the Seaview 180 compare to the Ocean Reef Aria or Head Mask? I want to purchase one for an upcoming trip. Thanks

Pamela Frey says:

I am an avid snorkler and have snorkeled all over the world. Purchased this mask and brought it to Roatan and tried to snorkel the reef and couldn’t get enough air in. Talked to many people on the beach and they said the same thing. Went back to my normal snorkel.

ladyhealer says:

So excited about this mask. I just ordered and got it!

Jason Yarzagaray says:

Great review, just ordered mine today. Going to test it on my next snorkeling trip on Aruba.

Shelly Pargh says:

We bought these and while I love view, I am having a problem with leakage. Do you have any suggestions?

Kenny Kush Jr says:

Thanks for such a great review! Pretty much answered all my questions. Got mine delivered yesterday and will test it this weekend. Need to make sure it works well before heading to Maui.

Rene2.0 says:

I found this mask on Amazon tonight in preparation for our trip to Cancun because I didn’t want to deal with rentals again (like last year). So I came to YouTube and your review sealed-the-deal. Well done!

Melena Halley says:

I was so heat Titans at first but now I’m sure this is exactly what I need! Your review was awesome and super helpful,!

Kevin Lopez says:

thanks how much it cost

While Traveling says:

is this better than the ocean reef?

He Who Angers You says:

I can’t believe that you don’t have more subscribers. Very through and professional review. outstanding job. I have Subscribed and look forward to checking out other videos from you in the next few days. keep up the good work.

Captain Jack says:

Well your video convinced me to purchase some for my adventure cruise company. Thanks for the informative and too the point review.

Luke Anthony says:

I got a dumb question to ask..can I go underwater and breathe with this thing? or do I have to hold my breath when I’m submerged?? thanks.

Galaxy Schmidt says:

on amazon for me its flat not curved

Matias Nobrega says:

hi I see me want to buy one of that brand. but I see there are only two sizes small / medium and large / extra / large steps and find no reference medi my face as I see in other brands and measures 13 cm from the chin to the end of the partition that you comprastes measures you have? Thank you

MyLife88 Dior says:

Can you breath underwater?

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