seabeast full snorkel mask review

Seabeast full snorkel mask review. I love to go snorkeling on my cruises but I hate the masks they hand out. they never fit right. they hurt your mouth, and they leave marks on your face.

I’m hoping this full face snorkel mask from Seabeast will solve all that. So let’s review the Full face snorkel mask from Seabeast.

check the Seabeast website at:

you can also find them on Amazon here:


mattcolver1 says:

I’ve had a similar mask for a couple years now. Mine doesn’t have the camera mount. However I’ve had a mustache for years and I always got water in traditional masks. You can have a mustache and not worry about leakage with a full-face mask. I keep my underwater camera on my wrist with a floating wrist strap. So I can swim using both hands with the camera swinging from my wrist. Then bring up the camera in my hand to take photos or videos.

QualityChildcare1 says:

Cool! Thanks for the recommendation.

Jennie Spooner says:

i looked at some reviews on this mask they all seem good but they claim it still fogs up despite saying it wont …we all know all the old tricks ..spitting ..ammonia ..toothpaste etc ..but i found some new ones i never heard of

Mary Elizabeth says:

Loved the video! You made a product review so fun to watch.

Yeah it's Laura says:

What about a snorkel mask for someone who wears glasses? My husband is a full time glasses wearer so I’m asking for him.

K Jarman says:

Ok, I have to know – did you wear the mask, with gopro attached, when you drove to the pool?? lol that’s the mental image I got from your video anyways 😉 btw, the weather in Winnipeg is no better – no chance of snorkeling here either!

Glen Nash says:

Mate top lads, i’ve booked snorkelling for my cruise so I’ll probably buy one.

Amy Neumann says:

I am cracking up right now. You are so funny. Awesome review. I want to get one of these.

Jennie Spooner says:

good morning Don ….Have a funny day

Thagirion9 says:

Oh I love review videos. Ha that was funny. Hum, I had no idea these existed. I felt the same unease about putting something in my mouth everyone uses even though I saw how they disinfect things. A gopro on the head is also a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

nikonmother says:

How do you keep your grout so clean and white? Lol

deb boy *Debbie* says:

Hi Don – I have 2 Tribords – one for me and one for hubby – we also snorkel on our cruises – absolutely love them. They do look dorkey but I am beyond that. People come up to me and ask me what is that and I am happy to explain. Having lots of fun with it. Much much better than the regular masks by far. Enjoy yours. I take it on my carry on because I am afraid that it might get broken in my regular luggage. You have seen how they treat our bags. LOL.

Jennie Spooner says:

Todays episode is called ………In the tub with Don .LOL………… are so funny clean kitchen …why was the pool you went to closed ?…………..this looks like a really cool mask clumsy with the masks too ..i think i will get one when im ready for my next cruise

Movieboys says:

great review

Sue loves cruises says:

Don your too funny lol

J Horton says:

I add regular shaving cream to my bathroom mirror every 6 months to keep it from fogging up. Maybe this will work on snorkel mask? Let me know. Works great in bathroom anti fog.

bella huang says:

looks like a good one!

Kathleen Crigger says:

What a great piece of equipment. You are gonna use the heck out of that!

Richard Howard says:

Great review….I have been a scuba diver since I was sixteen and to prevent fogging we would spit in the mask and rub that around then rinse the mask and that kept it from fogging. Since then there are commercial products available for “ anti fog”. Comes in 3oz bottles at any scuba shop. My wife of 40+ years just learned to scuba dive and she was not spitting in a mask. Lol. Have gotten great advice from Don’s channel and I know we can use. Keep up the reviews glad to see you feeling better.

madiantin says:

Holy cow!  What a cool mask!  
LOL, love that the pool was closed and you had to test it in the bath. =D

Christine Kirkwood says:

I hate the mouth pieces on traditional snorkels and this looks like a great mask. As for snorkelling in the bath, all Im gonna say is hahahaha. You rocked it lol

Gilbert Larimore says:

That type of mask is sub specked in 6 drownings in Maui

Voice of reason says:


William Victor says:

Thank you! I’ve wondering about it since first seeing it.



PJ Gustafson says:

I’ve got a competing full-face snorkel mask and in general, I’m very very pleased. I love it for being able to breathe through mouth and nose and having a wide field of view, and not having those annoying edge lines cut around my eyes for hours. My only complaint about it is the GoPro mount. I love the idea of it, but I struggle to find an angle where I’m filming exactly what I’m looking at. If I tilt it up so that its field matches mine, it keeps popping out of the water. If I tilt it forward to keep it in the water, then I’m shooting lower than what I’m looking at, and as a result I’ve missed what would have been some truly amazing shots and instead are just so-so. I’ve even gone so far as to use a couple other adapter mounts to extend the camera a few inches in front of the mask and it’s still not right. I’m at the point now where I think I’m going to go back to holding the GoPro on the bobber attachment for my underwater filming and just enjoying the view from the mask for myself.

Peorhum says:

Ha ha…I know where you live, I can stalk you now…muhahahaha

Just joking. I used to live a stone’s throw from there for 20ish years but now I live further south. You can always use the Champagne baths…actually I thought your place would have a pool down stairs

Canadian Vlogger eh says:

I’ll chech them out

Olivia Southerland says:

Yeah! A product review!!

J Horton says:

Give us a follow up on this snorkel. Nice quality but, the fogging issue. Let us know. Plus is their a promo code on this. I need to get 5 by Nov 2018. Pride of America.

short stuff says:

you’re missing your calling…stand up comedian?…lol… ..oh my…..
really good recommendation. ..even if it was a ‘sub tub’!! review?

KarrenK says:

lol you crack me up. nice review too

Valerie Foster says:

Omg when I saw the tub being filled I snorted! You are a scream! Thank you for an awesome and entertaining video, I can’t wait to learn more about this mask, it sounds like s good solution for my salt water inhalation addiction!

Disineyfreakz says:

what a great mask

Carol McNeil says:

hehehe I loved this!

russell says:

You cracked me up near the end.

jason B says:

great review covered al the main points. and I know you don’t recommend things too often so I know it must be good

Aimee Evans says:

I love your videos!

Eva H says:

Great info I m buying one now.

J Horton says:

Right after this! Awesome. I’m in the planning stage on getting one for our cruise in Nov 2018. I don’t think my bathtub is large enought. Need more follow up. Thanks

GeeDub Walker says:

You funny thanks for sharing

Cyberbay Support says:

lol, awesome review

Katie Marie says:

OMG…You are Hilarious, Don. I was lmbo with this video. It was sooooo funny. It was perfect…from the beginning “I am your father” Remember FRIENDS ! Excellent video ! 😀

I Have Cancer says:

I think I’ve only seen you recommend one other thing in 200 videos so I’m guessing this is a great product. I’ll have to check them out

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