RKD Snorkel Mask – Closer Look

Here are a few details why I really like my new mask.

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Frankie Smith says:

second!, anyway, this solves the 1 thing that was wrong with full face snorkel masks
i wish it was curve fronted though :/

Brandon Wagaman says:

Hi Sheff, my question is which of the full face snorkel masks that you’ve tried would be the best one to get for a first time buyer? I was debating on the tribord or the seaview until I saw this video. I figured you would know best seeing as you’ve tried two of the three.

Aladdin salim says:

Hi Sheff .. what suze you are using for mask

Craig Robinson says:

Were can I purchase these masks in Canada ?

avril jil says:

I sent them an email to make the same mask with curved glass.
Hope they will do it.
Their website : rkdsports.com
Sent queries here

Steven Arana says:

Awesome video

Ridhant Chhetri says:

sir SHEFF please answer this question when we go underwater and our full face snorkel,s breathing pipe will be also inside the water just like diving then also will we be able to breath underwater while full faced snorkeling masks breathing pipe,s air hole will also be underwater ?

Jewels Haw says:

Can you do a review on body gloves snorkel Aire mask?

Eddy Bobby says:

I am considering this mask but I just watched the CBS special on full face snorkel mask related deaths. What safety concerns can you tell us about the RKD Snorkel Mask? As well as safety concerns about full face snorkel masks. Thanks!

Young Ellison says:

this your products ?????????? Choose our factory diving mask, we introduced new products this year, while doing a lot of testing and improvement. Our factory is also specialized in producing this product

jason scott says:

Where can I️ find the second gen mask??

J MacKay says:

Can you please comment on whether the previous generation full face mask style (which fits UNDER the chin as opposed to ON the chin) would provide a better fit/seal for someone with a mustache and goatee better than this next generation style would?

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