Quicklook/Review: NEOpine’s GoPro Snorkel Mask (NDM-1)

I’m terrified of water but I can’t wait for the weather to warm up or find a heated pool to try out NEOpine’s GoPro full face snorkel mask some more 😀 (NDM-1)

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Richard's World Traveller says:

You have to have some pride and not review everything offered to you, unless you are going hungry.This will make you look like a Teletubbie. And I see no need to keep your face warm unless you are going to keep the rest of your body warm. For recreational use you probably don’t want to go in cold water anyways. Kind of like how you mention you can’t wait until the weather gets warmer.Have some pride.

april delarosa says:

is it really goo for free diving?

Yang Bella says:

This is Bella . We are offering whoelsale price for this diving mask. Please check our facebook : http://www.facebook.com/geekdigger/

A J says:

decent but 145? that’s highway robbery.

Takashi Hoshigawa Vlogs says:

Does that mean you can breath in deep underwater no mater how long the period of time is?

Vesselin Dobrev says:

Hello, can you advice on the size of the mask. My face looks kind of like yours but I wonder if I am S/M or L/XL size. I found the mask on http://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras-sport-dv-accessories/pp_359220.html (I don’t work for them, just an advertise popped up and I really liked it and searched for similar on youtube). A size guide will be really helpful, thank you

Squintz Palladoris says:

What happens with the float in the snorkel if it is inverted while submerged? Seems like it would fill up with water pretty quick. I am very tempted to order one of these. Thanks for the review!

Simon Frycia says:

If it looks stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid.

Bandidos Yanquis says:

i used a body glove mask with gopro mount incorporated in the mask for scuba diving in Cozumel. Although, when you look slightly up bubbles cover the camera, it worked really well. It allowed me to concentrate on my diving and still provided me with good footage to share. I’ve since found a small piece used in a helmet mount which I believe will solve the bubble problem. Tip: always remember that you’re recording when using the mask, move your head like a turret, instead of your natural movements. This will really help your usable footage.

Waleed Hammoudeh says:

Thanks for the video, please advice me coz am planing to buy like this one from Aliexpress, but unfortunately i see the original one without Gopro mount, so you use this one, is it leave fog or water leaking inside?? thanks a lot and your advice will help me a lot.

US Mint Productions says:

I want one so bad!

Freediver HD says:

neopine keep beging me to test this thing…….what a joke… since there is no way to pinch your nose to equalise the pressure in your ears – making it 100% impossible use below a depth of 1 or 2 meters.  This mask is basically farse… a fake and useless product that should never have seen the light of day.

Halexja Golf says:

Your brave bro

PanManDan says:

Kinda cool, but I just use the GoPro head strap with goggles and snorkel. It puts the camera on my forehead so it’s still under water when I’m floating and looking ahead.

Flashpoh says:


Darin Harder says:

Thanks, I love the explanation of your experience, I’m 100% with you on it, I’m not comfortable in water myself, this mask looks like it would be perfect for me

Nisha Khatoon says:

how do you equalize your ears while wearing this mask?

Takashi Hoshigawa Vlogs says:

Does that mean you can breath in deep underwater no mater how long the period of time is?

Rhys Youtuber says:

you should look at the tribord easy breath

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