No Water In Your Mouth With The Wonice Water-Air Separated Dry Top Snorkel Mask

Thanks to the innovative water-air separated dry top design, you get no water in your mouth with this Wonice snorkel mask. If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy:

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This is vlog 231 since I began this channel in August 2015.

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Altan Şimşir says:

I’m playing underwater hockey and I gotta know 2 things about the snorkel.
-Can I breath out under water with snorkel?
-The top of the snorkel, the plastic part that stops the water going into your mouth, can scratch someone? It’s against the rules so if it can scratch someone I can’t use it.
I hope to get an answer soon.

Eli Schweninger says:

Did he say it’s 32 degrees

Mike braun says:

The reason is to use the zip lock plastic bag again .And keep it out of the massive garbage heap in our ocean

Scuba Tips says:

no such thing as anti-fog
haha… good video buddy!

Borderlands808 says:

Mine used to fog. I just took off the lens.

rpcomms1 says:

Ive never seen a new mask not fog up and ive bought a fair share of dive masks,the best way use a oven long stem gas lighter onto the lens glass carefully to burn away the the chemicals on each lens on the dive mask..
It wont fog then,ull need to clean lens as leaves a residue,works every time.

Bob the diver.

Daniel Morelli says:

I’m just a beginner at snorkeling do you think this is a good snorkel for starters

Logan Brown says:

Theirs a nice bed of weed over their lol

SeikiBrian says:

A “snorkel mask” is a mask with a built-in snorkel. This is just a conventional snorkel AND mask.

eyesopenuw says:

would love to see you do some barefaced underwater swimming


please giveaway me this

Jaden Ortiz says:


lamadanceparty says:

dont listen to this guy. he literally knows nothing about snorkeling.

_ EST _ says:

Why not just use a old school mask without all the fancy schmancy crap on it. Works better anyways!

UD.Kuncup Mekar says:


Dimitrios Topouzidis says:

That’s not anti-fog, it’s anti-spit! All masks when you spit should remain fog free for your whole dive session (like Mares Star Elite). I have a CressiSub mask which fogs no matter how much you spit, it is useless like yours. But the snorkel is great indeed.

Rowan Lajoie says:

That intro is KILLER!

Charles Clements says:

I am wishing that some one would talk about the “volume” of the various mask. They all say “low volume”, but how low and which one is the lowest?

Dana Cline says:

So in theory you never need to come up for air at all?

Jaden Ortiz says:

Pause it at 2:50

Calvin Puah says:

Mate, I got this snorkel but found that the dry top severely restricted air flow. Pity cos I really loved the idea.

Marcelo Castro says:

mate you are funny, I love your videos, thanks fella

Flykope says:


Amir Ali says:

please next time before you go to swim, clean your Armpit with a Gillette

Patricia Hynes says:

Sweet girl!

Farsnax says:

First mate 🙂

Mark J says:

excellent review…..i swear by using baby shampoo for the unti-fog effect…spit is useless

Wax On wax off says:

I enjoy your great personality. You seem to just roll with the punches.

Clos MasMas says:

If you’re reading this, you should subscribe to his channel

Juan Nagle says:

Classic sign of a shitty Made in China mask, fogging.


or just spend less and get a snorkel with a U bend on the end

Narcosis saltwater aquarium says:

I’d love to get my hands on some of that elva algae at 6:34 for my tangs #reeftank2018

Level Cap says:

This has to be the most shit mask i’ve ever seen.I dont care about the shit dry design its useless if it fogs like crazy…Pay 35 bucks for shit…

John says:

There’s no such thing as a new mask not fogging up no matter what the manufacturer says. Murphy said it first not me. Forget about anti fog solutions, toothpaste, potato peel etc. Get a lighter and burn the crystals both sides, when they turn black wipe them with a soft cloth and then repeat the process once more. This is one of the oldest secrets among free divers.

Also the golden rule when you use a snorkel. Once you dive down you always remove the snorkel from the mouth. It’s a matter of safety, because if something happens and you lose your consciousness your mouth cannot close completely shut and you will inhale water (wet drowning). When the mouth is unobstructed it’ll automatically close firmly to avoid water inhalation (our body is a marvelous thing and has all sorts of safety mechanisms). Your chances of not drowning increase by a tenfold.

Anyway, good video mate i enjoy your presentations. Jarvis bay is fantastic.

Matty Mckenna says:

Does this allow you to breathe underwater

SWAG -iwnl- says:

I’m 14 years old and 159cm tall. should i buy child one or adult and is it exactly same product on amazon what you showed us? and how do i know if its good for me? edit: i have small head so should i buy adult or kids?

Vladan Panic says:

Burn the film on the mask and spit in to it before your dive and problem solved with every mask… no fog…Not to mention that snorkel has to be out of your mouth wile diving…

AR AH says:

İ dont know why this video show up at my face..but next time try to use some Arabic subtitles to make us follow you well

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