Masque facial “Easybreath” – Full face snorkeling mask “Easybreath”

Masque facial “Easybreath” : Voir et respirer sous l’eau comme sur terre : Subtítulos en español disponible. Sottotitoli in italiano disponibile.
Inspiration et expiration naturelle, flux respiratoire anti-buée, champ de vision 180°, Système Dry Top stoppant les entrées d’eau…
Le masque Easybreath est le gagnant des Oxylane Innovation Awards 2014.
Disponible à 39,99 € dans les magasins et sites web de Decathlon.

Full face snorkeling mask “Easybreath” :
Natural breathing in and out, the breathing flow prevents the build-up of condensation, 180 degree field of vision, Dry Top System preventing water entry.
On sale at Decathlon stores and websites : 39,99 €


Okaliptus Kokulu Panda says:

Can we breath when we dive to deep?

Plague Doctor says:

Where can I buy this mask in California

Spad Mamono says:

Produit excellent, utilisé à l’île Mairice avec les dauphins, du pur bonheur, je plonge rarement et je n’utilise pas de tuba régulièrement, avec ca pas de soucis.
Excellent de voir les autres touristes galerer avec les tubas!

All In One Shop says:

Заказ масок без накрутки цены!!!!!!

Maria McCreary says:

I can’t wait to buy one. Now available on Amazon.

Da-Ja Thinks' 'Quality Crap' says:

The best part is how ridiculous you’ll look!

R-Dog says:

How do you equalize

mr.king says:

dissapointed thought it was working as an oxygen tank giving you at least couple of breaths underwater it is just a waste of money.

Giwrgos Papadopoulos 123 says:

I have it

Hermann Goering says:

why it is fogged? I am using it the first problem is fogging after 2-3 minutes (at most). second problem is mostly when I try it during backwards swimming, it make me choke. like air coming from outside blocks for some seconds. I used that mask like a duration of 30 hours. and no other problem happened.

Hadrien M says:

Merci ! c’est révolutionnaire ! enfin un objet utile et pas encombrant pour exploré les fond marins ! C’est un petit pas mais un bon début pour l’innovation sous marine

Truth Sender says:

It would also be useful for some futuristic cosplays ;P

David VINCENT says:

eureusmend que baucoup de jens l’utillise le frère de ma belle soeur à faillie mourire avec se masque

Ilya Vasilyev says:

Bonjour!)) Ajourd-hui j’ai acheter votre masque et hereusement c’est mon premier fois sous la mer!! J’ai ca filme!)) avec GoPro Hero 3)

It's Cubing Jay says:

I knew snorkeling ever since I was 9

Inex rytp says:

я такую маску нехачу

dani rezai says:

you can’t do crawl with this mask i ve tried its useless you keep touvh it ith your elbows and falls off . after few power strokes when you take speed water begins to enter as it slips bit off your face . i wouldnt recommend this mask for crawl

assia benhabit says:

Ils se sont inspirés de Scooby doo

Steve Morse says:

I tested this mask for two weeks and found that you have to be very careful in adjusting the mask and that you get leakage much more frequently than with a traditional mask…you cannot dive down with th easybreath mask so my advice would be to take a tranditional one with you too.

Hank Buk says:

Amazing! What I don’t understand is if you can actually breathe underwater. Is it possible, even if for a few seconds?

All In One Shop says:

Маски везде с накрученной ценной!!!!!Вот ссылка кому интересно, заказывайте с бесплатным самовывозом или почтой России.Доставка быстрая, оплата удобная, качество хорошее. vk  точка com/aios_moscow

Radivan Tiravi says:

how to get this snorkel in indonesia, pls tell me

Dot Z says:

any shipping to south east asia ??? especially Indonesia ?? hmm

Mirror says:

is this really effective as claimed?

crservice2008 says:

как в ней продуваться? нос же не зажмёшь?

Arda Günay says:

I have that one. Everything to be easyer with.

Nykz Ambos says:


张凯 says:

are you sell this mask? i can’t open the link. if possible could you add my whatsapp: +8613510539846

driss from says:

Je veux un masque comment je peut vous contacté

iJACOB says:

I just got mine today

Ivan Domoni says:

Ok, let summary this, you are saying that there is no way for water to enter into mask, except couple drops. On video it is presented how system works when going under water. How system react on waves and when water comes from a side? And if water from some reason enters into mask, is it possible to remove it with harder air blow?
What about fogging ?

PeopleCanFly23 says:

Would it fit all sizes and types of heads?

Peter Grochal says:

this is thing soooo stupid

DaMiara Worriers says:

do you and can you release pressure underwater?

Etienne Wettingfeld says:

I bought one yesterday and it’s great!

PSA - Citrovidéo says:

Inspiré ou troublante ressemblance avec le masque à gaz de la Marine francaise, l’AFM34…de 1934. La forme de la coquille faciale et la sortie frontale caractéristique.
Sympathique produit pour étendre la vision sous-marine depuis la surface aux plus récalcitrants !

s.m.e س.م.ع says:

والله حلوة الي من قناة معلومات غريبة بلايك

mickael rigaud says:

il faut savoir s’en servir c’est tout

Vidar Mathisen says:

wanna try this.

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