In-Depth Review of the Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

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YTGamer12 says:

Can you breathe still at the bottom with out the snorkle sticking out?

Lolana Kahale says:

his back shoulder is redder than cooked lobster

Bruce B says:

foggs up, hard to equalize, not for freediving, scuba…???

Jrd.Delicious111 says:

shit vid

Emanuel B says:

I had a hard time hearing you so I may have missed it, but, are you able to breath underwater with this?

Blue Cup Father says:

Cool! I really like the concept
I found this one on ebay:
They ship worldwide. Awesome!

Zarow says:

if you try inhaling with this underwater, does the water come in or do you just start suffocating? i really wanna know cuz that might be my 14th birthday gift in september, please someone owning this, answer this comment.

Sofeah H says:

My Cousin Has The Same One As Yours! This Thing Is Super Helpful! You Can See Underwater Better! I Tried It For The First Time And It Totally Worked! And It’s Blue Just Like Yours!

PBJ Vlogs says:

Can You Breathe while the Whole Mask is Underwater?

Rob Evans says:

“in depth”

FL!NT says:

Oh look! A wild whale! 0:59

anony mous says:

I like how you play enchanting music while you swim in a 3 foot pool

mkololpier123icer says:

0:59 thought it was a walrus attack

Carlos Medina says:

instantly loose all credibility with the clown headed manatee

Welberpeixotogarcia Peixotogarcia says:

é Essa máscara ou não

Katharina Kesch says:

Kann Mann damit ganz unter Wasser atmen

Marten Gaming says:

Holy shit it’s a blue whale

sealed pegasuss says:

its me

Искандер Галиев says:

Кто русский лайк

Stas Carf says:

u can breath underwateR?

BenjaminRose Vlogs says:

Who else realized that the guys back was exstremely sunburnt

Dat Boi says:

1.3 million views, 1k subs. what a shame

Gregory Gulli says:

why is the music in the background so creepy?

Diaa Ilayan says:

bad audio …..cause hard focus to hear you >>>not a nice watching because of that

Eli R says:

cool hair lady.

GivesAMinute says:

Here’s my review of the Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask: (spoiler: you cannot equalise while using it!)

MrWolfy2229 says:

Can you breathe under water FULLY

roasted baller says:

your so gay ur hair is pink u gay wad….and you only have 908 subs……haahahaha

Eduard Mita says:

you can go deeper in water?

Football XVIPER says:

can you actually breathe underwater with this

nz rockdj says:

Fucking wanker!

Tracy Meiners says:

That Guy is REALLY sunburned!!!!

Umberto Lazzarini says:

una scrofa con la maschera da sub!!!

Stanke TV says:

How did you long can stay under water with this mask,please answer me

SKY. says:

french quality

Samy Rahal says:

alright guys….I’m still confused…Can I breath underwater using this thing or do I have to hold my breath?

Luke Scheel says:

I just watched an older man and woman snorkel in their own pool…

Jane Cerrone says:

To bad you can’t understand what he’s saying. it’s not clear enough.

Titousky says:

very bad sound quality -1

zongheng xie says:

I tried this flat fronted mask since then flat front have been pretty disappointed in how it distorts your field of view around the outside. I prefer the round front one with only 39 bucks

Ionut DU says:

bought 2, one for my son. We ”ll test them in the summer. We also have the classic ones, hope these are better!

RockaBilly says:

Can you breathe with that under the water?

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