I CAN SPEAK UNDERWATER! Testing new cool Full Face EasyBreath snorkeling mask with Gopro + review.

The full-face easybreath snorkeling mask was made by NEOpine – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01HRMG4M6


spencer anstice says:

Are you Bulgarian

Andy's Fishing says:

That is a cool toy. I think you will make some interesting videos with that.

Random Daan says:

On the thumbnail I sad to my friend iT looks like a gass mask

DmytroV8 says:

Вероятно, маски такой конструкции только для мелководья. Глубже трёх метров не нырнёшь из-за невозможности продуться. Природа восхитительна.

Danny Prestwood says:

I want that mask so I can film fish underwater. I can’t wait for spring/summer 2017.

ecksdeeeXD says:

I saw your review of the H20 ninja mask and I started watching your videos. Keep them up! 🙂

Cringy Videos says:

I found some on eBay for 25$ , obviously it might be lower quality but who knows, it might be worth the money

Link~ http://www.ebay.com/itm/302166505242?var=601003668969

DonOneBryson says:

lovely footage, very nice to see the young perch hidden and waiting to strike on the roach fry, up irish and up the Russians!

dantekman says:

I like you dude!

ucheucheuche says:

They should make a scuba version, so people can talk.

Teresita Sese says:

this is so cool,I’ve been looking this kind of product here in HongKong.thanks for this video so I could know which one is much better to buy that worth the prize

Виталий Федоров says:

здравствуйте скажите какую экшен камеру используете.спасибо

maksinspire says:

Здесь, а не “сдесь”

Billy Rodaway says:

L.F.C nice and great mask…..

Serg Z says:

как продуть уши? а маска отличная

Андрей Мизунов says:

Маски всякие, это все хорошо конечно. А где обещанное видео про попер PocoPoco?

Sergey Zverev says:

Очень интересный канал.
Very interesting channel.

Yang Bella says:

This is Bella . We are offering whoelsale price for this diving mask. Please check our facebook : http://www.facebook.com/geekdigger/

RandomGamerV2 says:

How much did this cost

superjonsu says:

I need this..

Ken Nass says:

The extension for the gopro. Where can I purchase that?

pikefisher1000 says:

I like that mask

JLA The Tub says:

Nice review. Thank you.

Dave Mason says:

I love your videos and try and get as many of my friends to watch them as I can, your brilliant, can you nme the new mask I would love to get one, plus I’m sure I know some people who will want one too. Thanks and keep up the good work.

FishingGalway says:

chow much ?

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