Full Face Snorkeling Mask ARIA by OCEAN REEF new 2017 product line

presentation of the 2017 product line – 3 sizes, 6 colors, accessories – it’s the broadest full face snorkeling mask line out there!

website: diving.oceanreefgroup.com

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Risyenth Yentl says:

kun je breath with it underwater ?

hey whats up dude _ says:

you are looking like a idiot with that mask…

Edgar Asmus says:

kann man damit unterwasser atmen

bengtig77 says:

whats the genre of music that is playing in the background ? can someone please tell me ?

Riza Ann Marie Callano says:

is this product available here in the Philippines?

Mako Rutledge says:

Where are you snorkeling Phillippines ???

Emil Khayasedinov says:

How does it work underwater.

Daniel Munteanu says:

E una bugia non è vero questa maschera o comprato io e una catata che non merita ne anche 5 euro

Asya Avlar says:


Karnika Yashwant says:

What is that green thing she uses? Oxygen candle? 0:44 seconds.

D O P E V I L L A says:

are they holding their breathe underwater?

ArsenicLemon says:


cleo goldfish says:

this looks awesome

Demos Par says:

I love you 0:32!!!! I want your hot ass!!!!

InSeeN 95 says:

song name? :v

Andrea e basta says:

beatiful mask

Daniel Rivera says:

tremendo Video quise decir que es excelente

Peter Mertin says:

We are not all born from the sea!!! This thing is old i seen this for view years!

Anthony Twitty says:

Can you pull the snorkel on and off to store in the plastic case/bag…

Stephen Curry says:

This makes you look like a shark

S Karlsson says:

Does the current Aria come with the camera attachment, or is it sold separately?

anthony 35 says:

hey how did u get your video looking so good??

Diego Marquez says:


Cape Baldy says:

this is a good assistance for people that doesnt know how to swim…and that includes me…

Aardappel Man says:

am I the only one who just came here to see the mask?

Angelo Dell'Anno says:

1:41 Nice ass!

Titousky says:

came for the mask, stayed for the girl :b

sweden gaming says:

Can you breath in under water

Keith Bacalso says:

Can you breathe underwater with that?

Herlander25 says:

i want the girl and the mask !

Izan Pons says:

entoces cuanto tiempo se respira bajo el agua

Nicolas Cambier says:

Buy the real product called EasyBreath, from Decathlon brand. Not this bad copy that is cutting corners but still selling at higher price…

Shauno Slade says:

I’m a simple guy. I see ass I hit like

gonzilla3391 says:

Can I breath underwater like colpletley under

朋 FSFAFDAS says:

breath use its ass hole

Remco Kuijpers says:

Wich place is that? Its very beautifull.

Lucky the Cat says:

Everyone in the comment section is a pervert.

Ash says:

does she come with the snorkel when u buy her?

Patrick says:

Where was this video recorded ?

adem nasr says:

how mach is it ???

Daniel Lehtinen says:

Great mask! only minus is the fresh air tube quite tight. need more air to breath in – should be bigger fresh air tube!

Joaquin Prats says:

Hello, I live in Mallorca, I would like to know if the mask is very foggy

Nathan Moss says:

how do you equalize your ears?

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