Full-face snorkel masks raise safety concerns

Hawaii is grappling with an increase in snorkel-related deaths. Ten people have died since January. A full-face snorkel mask is at the center of one theory about the rise in deadly incidents, with four deaths linked to the gear. Vladimir Duthiers reports.

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not amouse says:

Its an obviously stupid design, Those ball valves operate poorly, allowing water into a person’s airways, while also not allowing the person to spit out their snorkel. REALLY DUMB DESIGN!!!

red fire gaming tutorials and how to’s Anime says:

I have one of those it’s blue and white

VLAD III says:

wow you can’t blame a mask for 4 of 10 deaths…full face mask is in this case 40% and the other ordinary masks are represented in this case 60% of the deaths…so if you follow this statistic it is safer with a full face mask????.. so this guy ( sorry for his loss)can’t blame the mask for his wife death, no one knows what happend so it stupid to use this for mabye a human error while snorkling..i have free dived for over 30 years now and i have used the masks from the past that is 100 times more deadly than this, have saved some friends of mine that almost drowned because of their fault not the gear, i have tried the full face mask its works fine in shallow water like rivers or on the beach.i use this mask for river movies i make so it great for that…when i free dive in the ocean i use other gear that is suited for this kinda of diving….so every mask has its limits and weakness so its the user who is in charge of the safety not the mask……

Oscar Flores says:

I guess more people have to die before there actual testing done by independent scientists.

SuselMaks TM says:

The only good full face mask is the subea easy-breath

Kreatynowy Maciek says:

I think the biggest problem comes with people who think, that they can breathe underwater using this mask lol

Micheal Afton says:

i tried it once

– felt so bad on my face

– got so foggy

– was so tight even tho its perfect for my face

– made me so hot
normal mask

– it doesnt cover my mouth eara wich make things way better

– doesnt get too foggy

was not tight at all

it didnt make me hot or cold just perfect

derek davis says:


TBK_ShotRock 12 says:

I have one of the mask and it brick under water and I docent know until I got out

FireMcFire 1 says:

Thank God I Saw his Video First Because I was Going To Get A Mask off Of Wish.Com

Bill Latibay says:

I see it good only on the surface, its very dangerous to use deep down as you cannot clear and equalize with it. When water leaks in and the diver panics it has the tendency to fail donning off.

dartarro21 says:

The name of the mask equipment is lovely…Head

Mix Vid says:

Made in China?

Jamie Bonczek says:

Hello everyone. I purchased the head sports full-face snorkeling mask a couple days ago. I haven’t tried it in the water yet. But I did notice something wrong with the design. This mask is suppost to clear out bad air, but there’s another thing I’ve found that may lead to some of the deaths. I’m not sure if all masks have this, but mine does, it has a dry head snorkel system (I think that’s what it’s called). Where no water can come through to the mask. I’ve noticed that if I’m in the water (I’ll try it today) and I’m not fully underwater and I move my head upwards looking at the sky, the little ball that stops the water will close the air and which you can’t breathe. Just inmagine the struggles that might happen at the beach with waves. So that’s my concern that I think what happened. Let me know if you have any other ideas.
Hope this helps!

rudteko says:

5:40 save the whales

The Chicken Nugget says:

I used the face mask and din’t die because I was in my pool

M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews says:

I tried one of those masks and i couldnt breath in it

MissUkulele132 says:

Just saying 1 hour under the water with a snorkel is kind of dangerous too, any kind of snorkeling mask. Just take breaks so you won’t become dizzy.

JustLetMeDrive says:

people are dumb, next.

Pau Gironès says:

My parents just got me one of these masks as a gift. I gotta say I understand the danger. If you’re just chilling in the water, swimming around calmly and only diving a few times, this is great, very comfortable and convenient. But If you like to dive a lot, constantly swimming and going from the surface to the bottom, this mask is no good. It just doesn’t offer the same level of air intake as conventional equipment and after a few minutes of heavy breathing I was exhausted and kind of struggling to do so. It’s a good product, just be very careful with the limitations.

David Sherbert says:

If God intended for man to breathe underwater, we’d been born with gills instead of lungs!!!

carpe diem says:

If you can’t figure it out the Darwin award is for you and has helped the gene pool.

Senki207 says:

Biggest problem: you can’t equalize when diving, since you can’t get access to your nose and only experienced divers know how to equalize without pinching their noses. Popping your eardrums at a depth of 5 meters definitely can make you panic and drown…

YaboiJ.C says:

I think imma just stick with the normal eyes and nose mask

Skyler the Wolf says:

Ima just gonna keep my regular snorkel, thanks but no I don’t want one of those.

morocCaNhmed says:

Survivor here. I was with my friends in one of the local springs here in Florida all was fine, I had US Divers Full Face snorkel from Walmart ~$40, I loved it, easy to use until I almost drowned if it was not for my friend who saw me trying to remove the thing off my face, it was like I was suffocating, I believe it is not my time to die yet, thank God for his mercy. Please stay away, stick to the conventional snorkels and practice and always be with someone.

Gladius Submersible Drone says:

Protect yourself,It’s safer to dive deeper than you might think. I’m an underwater drone,go and capture your deep water adventure.

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