Full Face Snorkel Mask for Easy Breathing Review Best Snorkeling Gear Ever

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Full Face Snorkel Mask for Easy Breathing Review Best Snorkeling Gear Ever

This mask completely revolutionized snorkeling for me. I swim just fine, but have always had an issue with not breathing through my nose and instead trying to breathe solely through my mouth which is what traditional snorkel gear required. With this new style of full face mask, however, I can breathe the way I normally would with no problems. It made snorkeling in Hawaii much more comfortable and enjoyable for me. I highly recommend this for anyone who has had a hard time with standard snorkeling gear. Although it is anti-fog, it isn’t necessarily “fog-proof”. It is also anti-leak, but then isn’t every snorkel mask?!?!

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Normandy Wiegand says:

did you use fin and a snorkel vest?

Everett Mellish says:

There’s a big difference in the act of snorkeling and SCUBA.

Stev Y says:

this is the old style ones, the new ones have domed glass , how do you pop your ears by pinching your nose?

Sandy Rhodes says:

Can you breathe under the water with this mask?

J Kintner says:

Thanks. I didn’t know these were out there.

Boguslaw Paruch says:

I just wonder how it works with beard 😛

Alexis Garcia says:

what size is it

Jane Cerrone says:

Thanks for the great review. Simple and clear and to the point.

Benedict Librando says:

Hi, I guess it all depends on how long u can hold your breath underwater right? Tnx!

Sean Cuffie says:

Is that the 1 gen or 2nd get snorkel mask

Mini man Games says:

So the water can get through when u go under does that mean you can breath fully under water?

Marcos Reis says:

I already thought of buying one, but already saw that they already 3 sizes. S, M and XL. Which size did you bought?

Floor Encer says:

Hƒ is not a mouth breather.

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