First time testing a new full-face easybreath snorkeling mask underwater winter time / review.

You can buy this mask here:
The full-face easybreath snorkeling mask was made by NEOpine –
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Bob Rossington says:

This guy deserves more subs, as in subscribers and the sandwiches

Adzha Abd Hamid says:


Frost says:

ага русский акцент

HD Weird OFFICIAL Pojun says:

Привет.Greetings from New Zealand.

Darkness says:

How can i know how many oxygene i have ? pls tell me i will bought that mask 😀

zongheng xie says:

I tried this flat fronted mask since then has a flat front and have been pretty disappointed in how it distorts your field of view around the outside. I prefer the round front one with only 39 bucks

Ph9nix7 Rize says:

I believe some pose goof ball queries in an effort to show the modicum, I do mean modicum of knowledge attained. Goodness all questions are answered.

Daniel Lehtinen says:

hi! is the fresh air tube too tight to breath normally for you? I have the Aria ocean reef mask. it is great mask but I think every model of these fullmask has the same problem to get enough fresh air. the freshline is too tight. hard to breath like normal snorkelpipe.

Benjamin Lees says:

this is how to looks like omg wow grat English

Belnick6666 says:

dont get the point of snorkling, it is doing something half way
also if you do this close to surface why bother with the snorkle?
just get some good small underwater glasses and turn your head to breathe

Alejandro Rios says:

Excellent! Thank you for your advice. Greetings from Argentina!

Michael Gonzalez says:

Great video my friend.. Be safe

one of pewds fans :D says:

i have question , can you breath with it when your 3 meter underwater or not ?

All In One Shop says:

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Michael Gonzalez says:

Nice water alot of life

Serghei Istrati says:

Can I use this video for advertising

mark68227 says:

hi i have a mask jsut like this but when i tryed to use it it kept like sucking up to my face so i couldnt breath no air in any more do you no what i was doing rong ?

mellkiades says:

Looks like a freaking bee is stuck in the snorkel at the end of the video. I just died visualizing myself breathing it!!

Benjamin Lees says:

dont liter

Bowser from Sonic says:

hello everybody and welcome to mah laboratory were safety is numba wun perority. today we gonna check some under water gadgets out!


Great vídeo thanks.Suscribed.Take a see to my channel and suscribe please.

JJ Coon says:

so whats the difference between a normal snorkeling mask and this one

Ahmed Sirat says:

c bon

Underwater Ireland / Подводная Ирландия says:

You can buy this mask here:

Risyenth Yentl says:

can you breath underwater with it ?

HaploXL says:

Thank you for your review, about how much air is held inside for rebreathing?

randy and jordan idk says:

Its for like kids that dont go that deep you can only go a certain depth befor the preasure gets to bad

Chickerlicker says:


Blue Cup Father says:

Simple but awesome!! I really like the concept
I found this one on ebay:
I would buy this for my brother

YunaIesca says:

Great review!! Did you have to pre-treat it with toothpaste or other agents so it doesn’t fog up? If so what did you use and for how long?

Blueberry Sans says:

Where did you buy?

Anon Heel says:

You can buy this on Ebay!

Ricardo Martins says:

Thank you from Brazil.

Catten Whisperer says:


Вин Дроссель says:

Русский чувак

Falcons Are the best says:

Omg he sounds exactly like terminator

I AM PANDA says:

I’ve got this mask

Trigered Boy says:

roses are red
violets are blue
he gets in the water  at 2:22

Holly Wilkins says:

So can you breathe completely underwater with this?

slabby rider says:

What!! You don’t care about the cold water on your face. Your a bad ass mutha fuckin Russian!! You sleep naked in the snow.

Bugz Buggy says:

good man like video

wonder waffle says:

fuck your accent

delfin1971 says:

I bought two of these – both are leaking from above. What could I possibly do to stop that from happening? In 2 min tops it is filled with water.

Николай Мелехин says:

Наш человек )))

Tuscani011 says:

so are you Russian or not ? everyone is wondering what you are

George Gordoff says:

А где покупали если не секрет. Тоже хочу.

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