20 Reasons I bought aTribord Easybreath Snorkel Mask & 8 bad ones not to

I purchased a neat Tribord snorkel mask the other day and decided to do a product review. None of the reviews I saw on YouTube were very comprehensive or went into detail on some of the negatives. I like the Tribord very much and recommend it. There are a few other snorkelling masks on the market such as the October Moon and Seaview snorkel masks which are nearly identical to the Tribord Easy breath snorkelling mask. Most of what I covered in the video will apply to them also.
You can find out more about the masks on Amazon at the following links.
tribord easybreath snorkelling mask

October moon snorkelling mask

Seaview snorkelling mask
if you do not want to watch the entire video, I will summarise the pros and cons below:
1. no fogging
2. no hair tangles
3. no water leaks once adjusted
4. no swallowing and choking on water
5. some swimmers with neck and back issues like it but
not designed for vigorous swimming
6. durable
7. easier for children to use
8. no constant adjustment
9. easy to drain water by lifting head
10. breath with nose as well as mouth
11. face stays dry
12. increases confidence
13. very comfortable to wear for hours
14. keep face warm
15. can be used with some facial hair
16. no need to bite snorkel
17. no more dry throat from breathing via mouth
18. creates attention
19. can talk underwater a little
20. 180 degrees visibility

1.If you want to talk to someone
else in the water (while treading water,) you have to take the whole snorkel off as opposed to just a mouth piece with a regular snorkel
2.harder to breathe
3.hard to dive – too buoyant
4.can not pinch nose to clear ears
5.hard to rinse out sand
6.snorkel can be lost
7.lack of oxygen illness can make light headed
8.no camera attachment with Tribord but there is one with October moon and Seaview snorkelling masks.
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Robb Moffett
Robb’s Homemade Life


Marvi Marv says:

Excellent review. Can Duct tape or Flex tape help on this mask with regards to the snorkel seal? Or do you seen that connection being solid for the life of the mask?

GirlSproket says:

Probably a no-brainer, but I’m assuming that you can’t wear glasses with this mask?

Angie Zupan says:

I don’t understand all the questions  and comments  about diving. this is a snorkel mask. you wouldn’t dive with a snorkel and goggles. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. I love the idea of this snorkel mask but still unsure. I have a small head and find it hard to find  good fitting goggles and the hair pulling sucks also. and I really dislike snorkels so for those reasons I love the idea of these masks.

slabby rider says:

I just got one but cant remember the brand. Its all black and with a camera mount. Even came with a pair of ear plugs (not the one with intergrated ear plugs) I will attach them to the mask with a bit of fishing line so I don’t loose them. Should be fun as I’m intending on using it in 2 weeks. Its been commented that I look like tinky winky with it on and a gimp pmsl

stillified says:

I bet this was invented by a PADI diver… Wow the stupid things that get marketed to folks today… How do you clear it if you are under water? Oh you can not… Which means you must come up… With a proper sea-cure or other decent mouth piece, you can snorkel for hours with no issues. That part seems like an invented problem.

Robin Whalley says:

Excellent review. Thanks for all the info!

Pasha Levchuk says:

great review! thanks for posting it

Dekara Hermawan says:

can you braeth if the top is under water

Azeez Zool says:

hi robb.greetings from Malaysia. just used mine once a week ago.. quite helpful review. can’t wait to try it again

Great British Airsoft says:

you can get a piece of plastic you put inbetween the two parts which allows you to mount go pros

Latch Swaney says:

YouTube done smart. Good shit!

Mark Ann Knister says:

Thanks your review was very helpful. I like to dive down so tis will not work for me.

Lipi19821 says:

0:32 are you rockafellers younger brother

Nuryadi Santoso says:

Hi robs, can i know about pressure if you go deeper? Are the pressure will hit the face if you go deeper?

The Bottom-line Truth says:

Thank You Very Much!

Ain Malek says:

great review. i like the 8 reasons not to buy. very helpful to expect what you’re getting. your voice is very friendly too.

pikawilliam11 says:

Could someone tell me if I wear this mask and I dive, the water will not come in, NO MATTER WHAT POSITION MY HEAD or water can enter with a certain head position ?

Great British Airsoft says:

i diy fitted an oxygen tank line to this so it compatible to go pretty deep

caslusfilho says:

is it true that you can’t go deeper than 2 meters?

Zvi Benari says:

Best review of pros and cons – thanks !

Marty Smith says:

Really good review…..and quite funny. So much better than listening to some extreme diver crapping on about how ‘rad’ it is. I just opened my Intova mask (…same as the rest….) in readiness for a Seal dive in a couple of days. No…..the underwater puppy dogs….not the Navy kind. Glad that you made this review, so I can jump in knowing that there’s a real world guy who likes the mask. Thanks.

Radi Ghazal says:

thank you very much for the acurrate video!

Deniz Padır says:

very good review!!

U R NOT ME says:

All these idiots asking if this allows you to “breathe” when you are down under the water. WTF???

Nadim Doueiri says:

Hello, I just want to you know that they made a case that goes with this mask that allows to put a camera on it. It’s only 2 dollars and works with all old and new models !

Kris Curtis says:

Nice review, worth noting that newer revised versions have been released by various brands, Maybe the cons have been reduced!

linck7up says:

1 thing i don’t like is how do u plug ur nose to pop ur ears. i like to go down but if i don’t pop my ears it hurts. and ur saying u get less air that’s no good if i bin down long

Neil Richardet says:

Good review but the bottom line is a snorkeling mask system that a design flaw that constricts air flow to the extent that you get “light headed” if you exert yourself to much – this is a deal breaker. I would wait for a redesign rather than take a chance on “HYPERVENTILATING AND PASSING OUT UNDER WATER”. The snorkel tube that can easily dislodge is another area that should be addressed in a redesign.

Ionut DU says:


Albert Gillis says:

this was a very good review , thanks heaps, I just bought one cause of this review =) 10/10

Hoai Phuong Nguyen says:

I really like your video with details on pros and cons.

BelialSpade says:

best review on this product ive found anywhere cheers

20windfisch11 says:

Now I finished watching the video. Great review and addressing a lot of things others don’t. Here are some extra comments:
1. The mask *does* fog up, at least if you use it in colder water. I mainly use it in a lake with water temperatures from (typically) around 14 to 20 °C (57 – 68°F) and then it fogs up just as any other mask. But this is not much of a surprise, you can’t change physics. So spitting in it before use is the way to go here as well.
2. The mask has a wide range of quality. I had to replace mine twice before getting one that works as it should. Luckily, Decathlon offers 30 days of time in which you can exchange it for a new one.
3. Even with the best adjustment, a little bit of water does indeed leak in. But it is not dramatic. When you put your head in the water, a little amount (the size of a shot glass) leaks in through the chin valve before it seals up.
However, these are minor things considered the low price it is sold at (here in Germany it is about 30 Euros). I would, however, appreciate if they did a higher quality version at a higher price as an option. And they should include some sort of clamp you can put on your nose to be able to equalize under water. This would kill the advantage of being able to breath through the nose, but would enable to dive down deeper.

Yikes1961 says:

I am verrrry scared of water and can’t swim, and my husband wants me to learn how to snorkel. I have recently learned to tread water in the ocean (can’t replicate in the pool, however, for some reason??) and he tells me to need to learn to get over my fear of getting my face wet. We recently went to Aruba, and someone was wearing one of these masks. I think maybe I could get over the fear if I have one, and learn to swim. (I am 55 years old.) What do you think?

Jennifer Kilborn says:

I live in Taiwan and am trying to make a decision about a snorkel mask, and your video is fantastic and just what I was looking for! Thank you for taking the time to create such a helpful, comprehensive video. It’s really appreciated.

Macco Mac says:

Hello there! I just bought this mask, and I of course tested it immidiatly. One problem I encountered was that the snorkel seal wasn’t fast enough to seal, and let in a small amount of water. Normally I wouldn’t quite mind, but because of the design I get it in my eyes. Anyone got any tips?

Chuck chuck says:

Great review everything I needed to know about the product

Reham Youssef says:

love how organised your review is and your accent is clear and moderate paced too 😉

Chris Wenger says:

Very helpful. Keep up the good work.

Anthony Horrigan says:

Great info, thanks….

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