What Are Cold Water Regulators Compared To Travels Regulators

What Are Cold Water Regulators Compared To Travels Regulators

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When it comes to choosing your regulators it is very important to bear in mind what sort of diving you intend to do and environments in which you’ll be diving. For example, if you intend to only dive to normal recreational limits whilst on holiday in a tropical location your choice of a regulator is not going to be anywhere near as demanding as a diver descending to 50m plus in water temperatures below 10°C (below this temperature is considered to be cold water).

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Sidney Laven says:

Si you have to have both because you cant use the cold water regulator in warm water?

Fribert Drones says:

Good explanations, I’m using a Beuchat VR200 (DIN), which I’m very happy with, I also have a VX200, VX10 Iceberg. I’m diving in Denmark with it, so far I think the lowest temperature I’ve used it in is 3 degrees celcius, and it has worked perfectly. The odd thing about the VR200, is that it is quite compact, but still performs perfectly. It weighs around a kilo, so it’s not that heavy.

Dive Center Daily Life says:

The best regulator for travel is the one you have. 🙂
Nice video!!!

joshua smith says:

When I first started scuba diving, I bought all high performance dive gear, including the regulator. So far I’ve done 90 percent of my diving in Texas and 10 percent into in Florida. At 102 degrees Fahrenheit or 38.9 degrees Celsius, here in South Texas; I don’t really need a cold water regulator.

xiam19 says:

Wanted to buy Apex mtx-r ,but then i bought Poseidon xstream insted.

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