Scuba Tech Tips: What To Buy First, Next, Last – S06E01

Viewers have asked for advise on what order should scuba gear be purchased? Alec explains his recommended buying sequence for divers crushed by the many options and pressured by dive store preferences.

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Nick Casper says:

Agree with MASK is most important!! 🙂

Nolan Olivier says:

What is your opinion on full-face dive masks?

Daniel Bennett says:

I would like to add a 1.5 to the list, a knife… agghhh a KNIFE!! 🙂

GillMan 05 says:

Hey Peirce, Great episode as always. I was wondering if you could make an episode on modern double hose regulators, that would be awesome! Thanks, Mike

Joel Perron says:

as always fun and well delivered 😉 … I was glad to have a backup (pressure gauge with a suunto zoot) on my wedding in Punta Cana .. as I didnt know how to pair the wifi transmitter with the scubapro g2 .. haha .. now i know .. (to hold it on it as you turn on the air etc .. ) but a spare can save you a lot of sadness ..


Thanks you do a great job

Ivory Johnson says:

Thank you so much for your videos non biased not condeceding that’s why I keep watching

Alex Generalov says:

Bought mine in same order, worked great for me when i was starting 5 years ago. Nice advice, sir!

RC pi says:

Alec this exactly the video I needed. I just got certified Sunday and now I’m faced with the challenge of thinking of what gear I should save my money for! Haha, my instructor also recommended getting a computer first but he also said to buy one from my dive shop so servicing is faster and cheaper. I guess this is true for BCDs and Regulators but I wouldn’t think that it is for computers since they don’t really need servicing. Correct me if i’m wrong. When it comes to buying one here are my options financially, tell me if you know any better ones.

1. Mares puck
2. Mares puck pro
3. Cressi Leonardo
4. Suunto zoop (what my dive shop carries)

Would you recommend the 1 button ones? How about servicing?

Bierstadt54 says:

Good to see this issue addressed; I personally like the wetsuit + BCD + DC + Reg approach because of the $150+ that a reg owner needs to spend every 1-2 years for service. But everyone has their own priorities. Also, if your LDS rents good BCD’s but nasty old regs I would prioritize the reg.

Lee McDermott says:

Alec. Recently started diving and love your tech tips..have you ever been to Ireland to dive?

Clem Thomas says:

man, Kevin is a damn good sport!

Thomas Heaven says:

I use to free dive with mask and fins when i was younger and i used to like it a lot. Now 33 years old i still think of starting scuba diving so your videos are gold for people like me who just start out.

Bogy 1 Kinoby says:

Please do a vid on a REAL wing system not wing styled bcds

Greg Domonkos says:

You sir, are a 100% beaut. Thank you so much for the honest advice. I’m a newbie that needed this.

HeLi8one says:

Alec, if Kevin is obese then you are plain mean ridiculing him that way! If he has muscles its another thing.


Hey Alec. I was wondering, in your opinion what the best mask?
(Brand and model)

Lee McDermott says:

Alec you and your wife welcome anytime. Stay at my house and a great dive shop nearby. 7mm wetsuit type temperature.

Jack Katzler says:

This is the second video i watch from you and I love it.
Will start now from the beginning 😀

Keep it up please!

Daniel Moore says:

Thanks Alec, I agree. Thanks for producing such high quality and informative videos.

Detecting Beauty says:

So glad i found you Alec. This summer scuba classes is on my list. And this is the video i was looking for to find.
Thanks for the amazing tips.

David Custom Golf Studio David Tang says:

Thanks, Very Helpfull. Keep More Coming. I like to know about Types of Knives and Lights Please.

Lee McDermott says:

You probably did a tech tips about this but how do you preserve wet suit zips?

Mina Isaac says:

Thank you so much for these videos Alec I enjoy them very much. I remember when purchasing my gear I was told by a lds never to buy anything under MAP prices as they won’t be covered by the warranty pointing out you have to give the purchase price when registering a product. after a call to huish that turned out to be false. The world of scuba pricing can be very complicated and took me a while to understand, maybe its worth a video?

gnonymouse says:

Wow you’re getting more subscribers every day up a couple thousand in a little over a month! Thanks for the great information as usual.

Julia Huang says:

Thanks Alec for his videos~

Scuba Tom says:

I don’t wear a wetsuit unless I have to. lol  I have one, but I have only used it one time. I only dive warm water.

Kimon Froussios says:

Sensible order. If you do cold water I’d bump the suit up to #2, before the reg and maybe even computer. Seen too many ill-fitting borrowed/rented wetsuits and drysuits that ruin the experience and put beginners off.

Joseph Jones says:

Hey Alec, have you considered on doing a cold water info video? Im hoping to do my first scuba PADI open water course soon and want to dive up here in Sault ste marie, where lake superior is very cold as you know. Do you think its possible in a wetsuit or is it realistically going to be drysuit only? Thank you, Joseph.

James Z says:

Hi Alec, thanks for the great video.
I have few questions about gear purchasing. I just got my OW certificate and dry suit certificate, I already have mask, snorkel, fins and a dive computer. The next purchase I’m thinking is BCD and reg pack.
I’m looking for a Scubapro Hydro BCD and MK17EVO reg set, I know this is a pretty high end set but I’m in the Manitoba, water gonna be cold all year round and I think high-performance gear will be a worthy investment. Since I do not have ice diving certificate yet, and I do not have any trip plan in this winter, I will spend most of the time diving in the pool, just to practice my buoyancy control and breathing.
Do you think I should get my Scubapro BCD with reg together or just BCD for this time? I checked the price seems like there is no special price for the Scubapro products even though I got it as a package. One of my friend who has lots of diving experience told me that one of the most important thing to practice is the natural buoyancy, do you think I should get my own BCD so that I will have more consistency about my buoyancy control and wait until weather gets warmer so I can dive in the lake to get a regulator?
Thank you so much.

Victor Juf says:

Is it worth buying your own tank vs renting?

Adam Daffron says:

Alec, I thought the dive knife was always first!

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