My Personal Regulators

My Personal Regulators

Here is a run down of my personal regulators that I use day in and day out. Though I have several more these are the ones I use on a regular basis. My current sidemount regulator system is excluded but will be featured sometime in the future.

Mares Navy Abyss 22

Mares MV Octo

Lake Hickory Scuba Center & Marina
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D D says:

info overload info overload! ha great info but eyes glazed over about minute 11. Of course I only have a tad over 30 dives in the last year and diving for 15 months so forgive me

Neal says:

So the Mares MV is quite obviously the Dacor Viper regulator, rebranded when they got bought by Mares. I know that you are not a dealer, but have you seen the Hollis 500se? It is a left or right system, like you so covet with your MVs, but it is a servo valve regulator, which if I’m not mistaken the MV/viper is not. It is also incredibly simple to diagnose/service. The second stage is able to be taken apart without tools and underwater without harming the system. If you have not seen it, give it a look. I’d like to know your thoughts.

Jeff Morgan says:

Nice video, and the take away is application application application. Match the best gear to your application at hand.

Bogy 1 Kinoby says:

Why would someone dislike this video?

Mr W says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this series.

Thomas Nelson says:

why yoke only?

erikarrhenius38 says:

I just bought a Dacor Metal Viper (Mares mv) First, second, alternate and bcd. Is it good for cold water? I live i Sweden. And second question, the kit has never been used but been in the box for 4 years.. Should i service it? The orings and hoses feels really good and fresh.


Binford400 says:

Great video. Nice to see the navy abyss 22 get the credit it’s due. I dive cold water 50-38 F all year in the Great Lakes. Never lets me down. Keep up the informative videos

maldita says:

Hi, seems youre happy with the MV octo. however i’ve read a number of reviews pointing out to free-flowing issues at 90ft. Have you had any experience of such on a deep dive? I was very much considering replacing my old dacor(1st stage & regulator)-mares(octo) system with the Mares MV system. For use in tropical deep dives. Would like to know your thoughts. thanks

Bogy 1 Kinoby says:

What do you think about Apeks regs? Would you ever get one? I recommend you do

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