REVIEW of Cheap UNBRANDED Torch Claiming to be “Cree XM-L T6 x 3 4000lm Dive Torch”

A Chinese??? made Dive Torch claiming 4000 lm and suitability for diving. This I had to test and see if it really possible to buy a useable dive-light for peanuts on Ebay. The answer? YES! If you are willing to take a punt and recognise the limitations of the product. Watch the full video for more info.


glen porritt says:

Excellent torch only problem is the batteries dying if left in the torch.

Rich While-Cooper says:

Seller was one-stop-shopping01 lots of similar items for sale too but can’t vouch for them. Hope this helps!

nlpeaden says:

What was your comment about the BCD about?

Douglas Jones says:

I have one of these. I bought better batteries for it and it lasts well over an hour, I have used it to 50 metres.

Andreas Ferrari says:

This was very helpful.I need a light that is waterproof and has an adjustable beam output.Battery time is not a problem since I carry several 18650’s at once.The feature that caught my attention was the attenuating side switch.Do you believe this light puts out 4,000lm?

digitalnature says:

I like the background music, did you make it? Any chance you upload it?

AppleThatGuy says:

hey good video mate, nail on the head when i comes to safety, i recently did a dive in which we reached 30+ meters. i was using a torch which i bought from a dealer in the us. It failed within 3 dives and i was left at the bottom with no light! I did some investgating on the light and found that it was a “unbranded” light that the shop used. so buyer beware, do more research even with reputable dealers!

jamesv2811 says:

Thanks a lot for the review. I’ve just purchased a similar torch and I was wondering if yours is still holding up?

Ps s says:

hi i am from lebanon i need ur help please i want this flashlight were did u buy this is it from aliexpress if its not just tell me were i buy it and they bring to lebanon or no please help thanks

Bulls Eye says:

have u try it in 35 meters?

AddDefiance says:

Can we get a link?

tasos spanos says:

how much time we must charge the batteries at first charge?

JimmyMartian says:

Thanks for the review.

Charles BridgTec says:

Those battery are fake UltraFire batteries… they are unprotected too. INR batteries from Panasonic are the best.

Rich While-Cooper says:

Seller was one-stop-shopping01 lots of similar items for sale too but can’t vouch for them. Hope this helps!

antrax986 says:

I have bought same lamp for 20USD from some aliexpress site, with free shipping. Originally price was 25USD but due to some post service regulations they apparently are not allowed to sent anything that include batteries. Anyway those red ultrafire 16850 batteries (included in package) are pure trash, so i have proposed to seller to sell me the lamp and battery charger for 20USD, problem solved. We have dived using this lamp in a small lake, up to 10m, with water temperature about 16 deg C. Lamp itself was ok, not great but it lights underwater for 20USD… With some new batteries, 10USD a piece, it can light at max for about 40min. I think it is good small lamp for casual, recreational dives as long as you dive at depth were there is still some sunlight.

Miguel Cassam says:

i was thinking buy one, but i worry about the batteries, how many mA have your batterie ? i was thinking to buy this one with 4000mA bateries, what u say about that ? thank u. the link

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