Female BCD Guide With Girls That Scuba

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We were join by Sarah from Girls That Scuba and lucky for us she wanted to talk about all things BCD 😀
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Anna Székely says:

Hi! Exactly @BigDaddy. That is the one question in my mind since I get to know there is a group privately only for females. I see the idea behind, to make a group where girls can get together and answer to each other etc. But if there would be a dive community where women would be not allowed to join… well I guess everybody would freak-out and would say it’s sexist and it’s not correct, and they would be right. Hence the page where you lock out a group based on something what is not they fault I guess it’s not correct. And I’m saying this as a female instructor.
Most of the time I’m the only female diver, and yes there are some who not take me seriously just because I’m a woman, and it’s not right, but the answer is not to lock out all the men. The majority of men really nice helpful and have a normal behavior and don’t care if you are a girl or boy. And yes it’s sometimes hard to be a women in the industry, which mostly ruled by men but if we want the equal treatment, than definitely shouldn’t start the segregation.
In the end of the day only one thing should count, how good are you under the water, and not that which gender were you born.

RoboCNC Frees- & Graveerwerk says:

I love your mission ! 🙂

Sara Hamza says:

I love you sarah and what u do #gogts

LizxNguyen says:

This is perfect, thanks for the vid. I’ll be starting DM training this year so it’s imperative I have my own good gear

Garwanen says:

Wing! Suitable for all divers – small, big, men, women, cold, tropical – so why these gender specific plastic devices?

The Morening says:

Why can’t scuba divers all come together instead of specific communities? We’re all in the water for the same reason but good job on the video

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