Experimental Streamlined Scuba Comparison to OMS Backplate and Wing

This builds on our first in-water test of an experimental scuba kit that uses new streamlining techniques to improve the swimming performance of scuba divers. This video incorporates some calibration swims to get in sync with previous testing conducted late in 2015, and also video collected from the 2015 tests. It then compares those results with new video information collected using a stock OMS back-plate and wing BC system, popular with many divers. The goal is to highlight the swimming performance advantages that streamlining can potentially have for scuba divers if this technology were to be incorporated in diving systems.


iarf says:

Is there any buoyancy compensation with the streamlined rig? I’ve done dives in my backplate with no wing attached and there is considerably less drag but it’s worth noting that this isn’t all that practical for most divers, as the energy expended to compensate for weight without an inflatable bladder will exceed the energy (and thus breathing gas consumption) saved by diving with a wing/ bladder system. Interesting video and concept though, thanks for sharing.

sikaatbleeh says:

just curious, i was told by seasoned divers that with rocket fins you will need to have wider flutter kick to generate more thrust, instead of rapid small flutter kick. Let me know what do you think

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