Apeks Black Ice BCD

A review of my favorite BCD to date, lots of features. I forgot to mention that it can hold twin tanks if you have the plate for it. Also has shoulder strap stainless steel adjusters as well.


CollazoVision says:

Great review, I like your opinions regarding the BCD, they are right on point. I also have the Black Ice and love it!! Now I just need to retire so it can become my every day wear.

montjamz says:

Excellent review.. I’ve owned my blk ice for a while now…. Absolutely agree w all u said.. Awesome bcd and the comfort and quality is hands down the best I’ve used… I’ve had Dive Rite, Scuba Pro, an Aqua LungPro, all great bcds but none w the specs n quality of this one. Tha adjustable back pad and custom wrap around system… Tech D rings extendable pocket w knife mount…. Doesn’t get any better

leech7 says:

Nice review! There are no good reviews on the net to that bcd until now! Two questions, can you add d rings to the shoulder strap and how good is the bcd foldable for travelling? Cheers!

Seth Beckhardt says:

Michael, thanks for showing the trim pockets. I was looking all over creation for them.DOL, RLTW.

PloufferDoofer says:

Cheers to you. This has pretty much made my decision for me.

Michael Quinn says:

Yes my friend I have 3 bcd’s the other 2 are a light weight travel one the Blackhawk (?)by Scubapro and the other is a I forget but yeah my black ice is my primary and it takes a beating and is holding up well. Always have a backup and use it periodically.

Michael Quinn says:

well leech7 it comes with the D rings already on and believe me you got alot of space with what comes with it for attaching gear, but if I understand you correctly you want to add additional ones besides what is already there? Hit me up quinn570@gmail.com and maybe I can take other photos or video. Thanks for the review.

Harry Stone says:

A really good and practical review from someone who obviously knows what he’s doing. and your enthusiasm is infectious. Great job!

Joseph Au says:

This is the best review of this BC by far. Everything was explained really well and concisely. Was considering a few other models of back inflation BC’s before but have ordered one of these. I can’t wait to dive with mine. Many thanks for posting, much appreciated.

nicotinegum says:

Thank you for sharing this. As the others have already said, this is the best review for the Black Ice on the web that I’ve managed to find – and I have been definitely been searching!

I have been scouring the market for my first BCD and gotten overwhelmed by the choices. I am a mid-advanced level Australian female recreational diver who does fly to dive to the tropics and have been renting equipment from the resorts/dive centres I’ve been with. I am 5′ 3” and 110lbs and have had the constant, humiliating experience of having to use a kids’ jacket BCD 90% of the time since they’re usually the only ones that fit but are also supremely uncomfortable because of the way the straps dig in. I have not been convinced into buying a ladies’ BCD (mostly because the stores push too hard to get a jacket style ladies – and i absolutely hate that claustrophobic feeling it gives) and have been looking at BP/W systems as well as good unisex BCDs like this.

I am a huge fan of Apeks and hoping I find something from their range that suits me. Unfortunately not many stores down under stock this, and so I really wanted to get my research done before flying halfway across the country to try it out at a store. So really, this review helps me so much. Cheers!


Hello sir ! Nice review ! 🙂 I am in the market now for a new BCD and i am between the Black Ice the Hydros from ScubaPro and the Outlaw from aqualung.. The thing is that now i am Divemaster and i new a bcd for recreational diving but i am planning to do the Tec 50 in the next year so am looking to get something to do both. Only the Black ice can take twin cylinders. So is it better to get a cheap bc for recreational uses (like taking customers for dive trips ) and save up for a good twin system or get the black ice ?? Would you still recomend it after the Hydros got released ? cuz everyone seems to love that one…

Antreas Ioannou says:

Hello Michael that’s a very nice video you got there. I searched almost every BCD i found on Internet and i decided to replace my Scubapro Glide 1000 with this one.. The only problem i got and i can’t find one to test it out is that this specific BCD it doesn’t have a velcro strap only a pinch clip.. How does this works out for you ? is that comfortable ??

Michael Quinn says:

No comments?

Glen Allan says:

A really good review, we got tipped by our Dive Instructor in Cancun who cave dives in the Cenotes and he hands down recommended Apeks gear. I am going to get one of these for myself and one for the wife. You really should go and ask apeks to send you the dual backplate and do another review fitting it to show us how it can be expanded. Thanks for the review and keep up the diving.

Fahmie Shafie says:

What’s your opinion between Black Ice vs Dimension I3? And what’s your choice regulator? Is it possible to review it? Terima kasih. Fahmie

Michael Quinn says:

my one friend that watched this made fun of me saying “female body contours”…hey man, professionalism! ; )

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