Worlds Best Scuba Diving Mask – AGA Interspiro Full Face Diving Mask Review – Divator mask

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Review of the AGA Interspiro/Divator full face scuba diving mask.
This mask is used by the Norwegian fire department, Swedish and Norwegian navy and a standard for commercial diving around the world.



Ben Gaming A says:

I like your videos

fernando jesus says:

Christian why is it so expensive like ”tis just a few metal parts and then plastic smh, also is it true norways tap water is the cleanest in the world ?

Zulja Bros says:

show more swimming pls

Michaels vlogs says:

First comment

TikotGamer says:

Halo norske mann

Braxton Russell says:

900 fucking dollars

Ben Gaming A says:

can you test it plz

Clorox Bleach says:

Great video!

Mickle The Pickle-Gaming says:

19 comment

Hey that’s pretty good

Mr S ッ says:

hello christan i love your vids im in the natfocation squad can you heart this comment please

Veljko S. says:

Can you do more pool diving tutorials , thanks to ‘how to dive and not hurt your eats’ help’s me a lot , why diving mask is banned from pools . LIke Ur ViDs ;D

SindreOP says:

Love you

One who is lit says:


The bad boy says:

Try it in water

Aldo Samaniego says:

Looks neat thanks for the vid

Elliot Sveum says:

It’s so cool to hear that you’re Norwegian! Hvor lenge har dykking/svømming vært no du liker å gjøre?

Bjørnar Sunde says:

Noen andre norske her?

Nerf Glaz says:

Christian Wedoy I’m am about to get my scuba certification but I do not know a good durable mask to use I mainly prefer those box mask. Could you recommend me a decent mask. I have very easy access to ocean reefs so I can spend a decent amount on this hobby. Thank you

KC Show says:

Any advice for lake scuba diving visibility about 2 feet Christian?

DeeAreEich says:

You should’ve shown yourself using it, or atleast wearing it. Other than that, great review.

PulluprunSquat says:

Not one to use in the pool I think haha. Great video, as always, Christian 🙂 !

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