The Seabeast Pro-N1 Full Face Snorkel Mask – 50% Larger Snorkel Than Seaview 180

The Seabeast Pro-N1 full face snorkel mask offers many improvements over the Seaview 180, one of them being a snorkel that is 50% larger, allowing 25% greater air intake. If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy:

Purchase the Seabeast Pro-N1 here:

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This is vlog 218 since I began this channel in August 2015.

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• Vlogging Camera ➜ Panasonic Lumix GH5:
• Lens ➜ Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 II:
• Microphone ➜ RØDE VideoMic Pro+:
• Microphone Wind Shield ➜ RØDE VMPR Deadcat Furry Wind Cover:
• Cold Shoe Splitter ➜ Neewer Triple 3 Cold Shoe Mount Bracket:
• On Camera Light ➜ Genaray LED-5700:
• Underwater Camera 1 ➜ GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition:
• Underwater Camera 2 ➜ GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition:
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• Speedlite Transmitter ➜ Canon ST-E3-RT:
• Location Lighting Power Pack ➜ Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS:
• Location Lighting ➜ Elinchrom Ranger S Head:
• Location Lighting ➜ Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octabox 100cm:

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All other music by Paul Walsh:


Sophie He says:

I think everyone here thinking about the fogging problem should have a look at your new review for the 100% anti-fog mask here, really wonderful experience!

cathy Better says:

what you do to stop your mask from fogging. White toothpaste. two drops, little circles for 4 min. Rince. then afterwards, spit rub, rince and dive. Absolutely no fog Period.

Ian Bohannon says:

Impossible to equalize so useless mask

henry the ounce says:

Nice nips

Loxa says:

Something tells me not long after this video he used her ass cheeks as a full face snorkel mask.

KazzArie says:

Good job introducing her to wicked weasel!

Bill T says:

Bad idea! I see too many drawbacks, risks. Number one being, too much volume for equalizing. Second, too much volume for clearing a flooded mask while submerged. Third, the straps could make it difficult to remove the mask in a emergency.
And the fourth is a bit more complicated. The main purpose of the snorkel is so you can relax the body between dives. Holding the head up out of the water consumes energy. If anything goes wrong with this mask, you then have no snorkel. With a snorkel, but no mask, you can still have a long swim to safety with minimal exertion. If your forced to hold your head up, you’ve cut your swim distance by 2/3 or more for the average vacationers (non swim fit individuals).
These are only my first thoughts, I’m sure there are MANY more reasons NOT to use one of these fullface.

Jimmy Reed says:

I’m curious is eating plastic good for you does it come out the same way that it went in that’s my question?????

Muhammad Abu says:


Scott's Wood says:

Felicia at 3:52, skip to there.

SauceDaBoss 1 says:


Travis L says:

Clicked for the hot blonde…… whole video was showing the blonde…..guy.

Vikings of the East says:

Many people’s die using this, I heard.

JoeTheStreetz says:

Felicia is fine af

derpfrog says:

Bye Felicia…

Political Foolishness says:

I want to have a friend like Felicia too cause I’m a SEE BEAST 🙂 LOL

TheBep2009 says:

Just came back from Flic en Flac in Mauritius where I tested full face Easybreath SUBEA and it was great. No fogging, no need to spit or using toothpaste. Gopro mounted on top didn’t work for me though. I was fine by breathing with my nose and mouth and recording by holding camera in my hand. Once again thanks very much for your review!

GrumpyMadman says:

Can I come get Felacio?

Kevin Grazier says:

Does she come with the mask?

Shop Picks says:


White Boy Raps says:

I want one

Mile High Island says:

More Felicia is always a good move =)

Da Braddah says:

Sorry, couldn’t really pay attention to your review-was too busy looking at the nipples.

Carlos Oliveira says:

Hey man,
cool videos you have there, and very informative,  congrats.
Dont Pay attention to that “Lokra” whatever, kind of a loser really.
I am doing some research on the mask, because i am going to Europe to do some snorkeling,and i found your Channel very useful, and funny… have to add.

PS: About Felicia, yessss. All i have to say!!!
Pass on my “very close” regards to Her, would you? I Think Brazil and Germany, go quite well together.  😉
@Felicia, if you see this, get in touch, we have lots to Talk.

Rahere says:

Same comment: you equalise by opening your eustachian tubes, and can do that by swallowung.

Doug Mooney says:

I’ve realized how many desperate loser guys there are in the world after reading these comments. guys the reason you’re not getting girls is because you have no personalities whatsoever. did desperation to meet a woman comes across so clearly and all the comments. you really are pretty pathetic no confident guy that knows how to pick up a woman ever make a comment about a rather average non exceptional regular girl on YouTube, she’s cute I’m sure she’s nice but she’s not a supermodel. and she surely isn’t a skilled actress. every dude that has made a comment on here needs to go to personality school and dating School although it’s probably too late for all of you.

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