Should You Buy a Full Face Snorkel mask? | Buyers Guide

Is a full face snorkelmask right for you? And when you set out to buy one which things do you need to keep in mind? All these questions get answered in our latest buyers guide!

Are Full Face Snorkel Masks dangerous? See our video:

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TheBep2009 says:

I live in Poland and have so many offers that it is hard to choose. Which brand would you recommend for the beginner like me? Thank you

Daniel Nino Villavicencio says:

you make great quality videos, kudos! you deserve more subscribers bro! make more videos 🙂

Mark Macias says:

can ear plugs help while wearing the snorkel mask?

Keshwar Manson says:

Can you send a diuretic link for the pink & black snorkel mask?

Sergey androxus says:

Can you speak german

Chance Mcguire says:

Can you breathe my under water

Rishad Bii says:

You forgot to say how many minutes/hours it can hold someone underwater.

lovBolan fmpetergreen says:

No thanks, I use my mask and snorkel seperate

Syko Z says:

So helpful i was gonna buy it but when i realized that i cant equ my ears so its not good thanx so much

Cindy Mulvey says:

I swim snorkel in springs in Florida is doing 10 20 feet safe or how can u relieve the pressure with jaw I understand why traditional is not possible

Bill T says:

Bad idea! I see too many drawbacks, risks. Number one being, too much volume for equalizing. Second, too much volume for clearing a flooded mask while submerged. Third, the straps could make it difficult to remove the mask in a emergency.
And the fourth is a bit more complicated. The main purpose of the snorkel is so you can relax the body between dives. Holding the head up out of the water consumes energy. If anything goes wrong with this mask, you then have no snorkel. With a snorkel, but no mask, you can still have a long swim to safety with minimal exertion. If your forced to hold your head up, you’ve cut your swim distance by 2/3 or more for the average vacationers (non swim fit individuals).
These are only my first thoughts, I’m sure there are MANY more reasons NOT to use one of these fullface.

Rain says:

Legit I was wearing one this whole video. Model: Seabeast AF90. It’s $59.99 and most safest. (In my opinion)

Jeff Greenberg says:

thanks. can they work with a small beard?

10K Subs w/o Vids pls says:

Can I wear my eye glasses while wearing this tho?

Trevor Glaister says:

Great Review

Eddy Bobby says:

What are the safety concerns? You touched on it a bit. Can you elaborate? Thanks!

Attilio Capon says:

Thank you for this video

50ft Below says:

Are Full Face Snorkel Masks dangerous? Check it out in our new video:

how to fix says:

This was so helpfull

Susan Phillips says:

Some people say you can die wearing one. Can you? And this was really helpful!

Lily Alice together forever says:

the tower mask selling on Woot . . . any good?

bert swannee says:

Thank you, i was thinking on buying one for my son. Now i know its not as simple as it looks.

sherian stanley says:

Can you wear contact lenses

Amaya Mena says:

wich one did you recommend to a begginer? also i wanna know some cheaps ones but i want they work well

Lee B says:

Orsen do a full face but it has a soft nose cover so you can equalise however average price is around £99 although I have seen it on offers at £48 .
IMHO a standard goggle and separate snorkel is a better bet as you can remove the mouth piece when deeper diving which is recommended and it’s easier to de fog on the surface if required ( yes they can fog) or vent the mask should you get any water ingress.

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