See This Video Before You Buy A Full Face Snorkeling Mask – Seabeast AF90 Review

The Seabeast AF90 Review. The most comfortable snorkeling mask I have ever tried.

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Hester Madrid says:

I have this mask too it’s such amazing! Btw I liked this video thx for the advice

Paul Lian says:

Can we die if we don’t train about scuba diving stuff

Texas Trucker says:

Only for very competent swimmers as trying to get off in a panic could add to any danger

F4llout says:

I dont like those because you cant equalize

Heven1o says:

kan du legge ut noen mer dykke-videoer?

Darius Villa says:

I really like full faced snorkel masks. But make sure, you don’t buy one that’s made cheaply. People have actually DIED from CO2 buildup in those cheaply made full faced masks. I would recommend to get a full face mask from a reputable brand that has a proven well working design, like a Triboroid or a Ninja H2O.
They may be more expensive than most other face masks they got on the net. But buying a proven safe design can save your life.

L0rdDeath425 CJ says:

I have been watching your videos for a long time now, and have recently starting practicing to be able to dive well, I am going to join the special forces and need to know how. But I also enjoy just fun at the pool, your videos help me learn a lot what to do when diving. Thank you!

Rene Haubiz says:

This kind of mask should be banned as they are dangerous, 2 common problems are. First, they market this mask for beginners since it’s easy breathing, and exactly those people are the ones that have problems and panic when the mask starts to leak water in, adding the way this mask sits in your face makes it hard to remove while in panic. Secondly, they have 2 one way valves, it’s not so uncommon to lose 1 of them without noticing, this will increase your dead air space and will make you continuously breath in part of the exhaled air, equalizing is the least problem.

Victor Maitland says:

There is room for a noseclip when one want’s to get the ears equalized .

Mohamed Alpha says:


Hitman 47 says:

This is like $150 for 2 is it really that good to buy?

Zach Arbelius says:

Yea cool, untill a little water gets logged in ur throat

Q_Q says:

Didn’t people died using that mask?

IIFaDedII says:

How deep is that pool 5 to 7 meters?

Vidar Henriksson says:

Can you try h20 ninja mask

Luis Gamboa says:


Koky 64 says:

like your vids

Newts Nest says:

One thing I also discovered when using one of these is that you can’t tilt your head back to look up and breathe! (Should be obvious I know)
I was in the sea and had entered the water off of a boat (just dropped in) When I came to exit the water, every time I tilted my head back to look up at people in the boat and find the steps, the mask suddenly would get sucked to my face. I did panic a little at first but soon realised it was because the little ball rolls to the end of the breather tube and seals it off. (This was with my head and the breather tube out of the water by the way) Very disconcerting if you’re not expecting it. Great masks though.

Sai Sau Chow says:

with this mask you will suck in CO2 all the time from the mask, why not use mask and snorkel ?

Yehia Adel Abd Algahny says:

Nice review

Norske Morro says:

Kan du snakke norsk i en video pls

Maggie Stanfield says:

I love you

AMS/ says:

Takk for informasjonen cristian

Slick85 says:

Full face masks are causing more and more snorkelers to die. The air dead space (area of air between your lungs and the surface air) is much bigger than a traditional snorkel, and its causing life long snorkelers to pass out from too much CO2 build up, and ultimately leading to their death. Full face masks aren’t as safe as regular snorkels. Compared to a regular snorkel the dead space is your airway from your lungs, your mouth, the mask, the snorkel tube then finally fresh air, a regular snorkel the air is not transferring through a giant mask cavity and the build of of CO2 is less.

Koky 64 says:

I wanted this video for so long

Perseo Hernandez says:

Very helpfull information. Thank´s man. Thumbs up !

Arnold Vales says:

You can equalize by either swallowing or moving your jaw

Makc says:

I hate Them….no equalize…. Shitty for your ears ….

DarkLight says:

that is a gnarly pool you guys are getting to swim in..i love it!

Alex place says:

Plis snakk norsk

KediT says:

Ok I have to ask. What pool is that? Or what company? Any pool that’s near me (Colorado) goes no deeper than maybe 8 ft. This looks deeper than 8ft, though it might be an illusion.

Commissioner_JustinRBLX says:

I have it too! Thanks for the review!

grant kilinskas says:

Great video i subscribed and i really like your breath holding skills (edit) thank you for the heart <333

Albert BlackPearl says:

Worst mast EVER!!!

grancito2 says:

I thought snorkeling involved diving, therefore this system for most people, is useless.

Elisander Hardeland says:

You living in Norway

zazugee says:

Most people dive with the snorkel in their mouths, which is an unsafe way to dive.
i guess this mask is good to beginner with snorkeling.
Diving beyond 5~10meters without freediving training is dangerous and can cause barotauma
lot of people never heard about the dangers, and end with hearing and ears issues.

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