Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review (ABTECH – GoPro Mount Panoramic Snorkel Mask)

This is a review of the Abtech Full Face Snorkel Mask. This mask is advertised as having a GoPro mount and a panoramic view. The only thing I was impressed with was the actual snorkel piece which did not let water in. Otherwise, I would never give this to you if you were my friend.
I am very sorry not to be able to give this a better review but these are honest reviews and I will never endorse any snorkel mask or any products that I don’t truly like.

Check out the mask on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2tqvZSa
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Cassie Saylor says:

Awsome vid! I wish I had one of those.


The turtle lays on the beach to sun it helps them warm up just like gators do

Pwnogosaurus says:

Good review! Thank you for being honest

m33lover says:

The two dislikes are from the president and vice president of the company…..

Justin Wells says:

I would love to rock a couple of Bass fishing places with you when you get back to Idaho

Vu & Yanling says:

Thanks for the very honest review. Could you please recommend a mask that you like can mount the GoPro like that for underwater recording.

Jeff Wolfe says:

Hey bro u the best

YouHaveHumNoi says:


AlucarD DraculA says:

You look great in the mask

Chance Kramer says:

what is your brothers channel

Jeff Jentes says:

That’s what the nose clips are for to pervent the lens from fogging up

imdiyanna says:

lol! You are very funny! The mask has the adjustable straps to tighten the mask. Lol! You should have thought.

Latoya Burlage says:

You should have tightened it on the side so it would stick to your face

Aj Runs says:

Hey ace, It’s unfortunate how you weren’t a big fan of this but I think that was just due to the brand. The original product like this was made by a French company known as Subea. If you’re still willing to try one then I’d go for it (full name is the Subea easybreath mask). It’s around 30 dollars but the only problem is (as far as I know) that it’s only available in Europe. If you want I could send you one? I highly recommend it as about a year ago before we went on a snorkelling trip on holiday my brother bought one of these and by the end of the week we would all fight over it. -AJ

Edit: It has extra features as well,

-it addresses the suction issue

– it has a filter so that if any water gets in its drained out with a deep exhale

– it doesn’t fog up

– the snorkel is really good quality

– the plastic view frame is high quality and therefore you get a good view

Alec Johnson says:

Cool vids. Your videos are so entertaining!!!

doug oconnor says:

Try again with the noise plug

Derek says:

That company is mad lol

Schooley Spencer says:

Hey Ace! Another great video! How much longer will you be in Hawaii? Keep up the great work.

Rippin’Lips 36 says:

First love the vids

Chaos says:

Very late lol

Makidd GT says:


Alef says:


Tina Fox says:

they have adjustable straps, you cant just put it on and snorkel! You have to adjust the straps to your head to prevent leaking

Uncultured Swine says:

It’s an interesting concept, but it’s obvious there are some engineering problems that need to be figured out. Hopefully Abtech will hammer out these problems with later versions.

Ace Videos says:

I don’t throw out the concept of a full face snorkel mask, but I was not impressed with this one: http://amzn.to/2tqvZSa

Check out my OCTOPUS CATCH N’ COOK: https://youtu.be/qsA2wD04VSo
Or Snorkeling for River Treasure: https://youtu.be/ygRA8nHrvKI

Captin crunch360 says:

So cool

porsche 911 toyota supra says:

I love your videos. Keep up the amazing work.

Russell Chung says:

I hear they are looking to the number of deaths on Maui from using that type of masks

MrCum Shooter says:

Love your videos keep it up Ace!

cameron Jackson says:

The nose clip is YouTube keep your nose plugged so the air doesn’t come out of your nose and make your goggles foggy.

GirlsHuntToo Vlogs says:

Would be perfect with nose plugs

Wole King says:

Very honest guy

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