Full Face Snorkel Review from Enkeeo – Sailing Doodles

Enkeeo sent us a couple of their full face snorkels to test out and review. This is not a paid review although we did get them for free. We really love them and they are so much easier to use than standard snorkels! You can get one here:


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Miguel Tambucho says:

Nice stuff! Thank you guys

David Cheever says:

As a guy who has a goatee, I’ve always love snorkeling but hated that the salt built up under my nose and I didn’t like using a gel to make a good seal.  I’m looking in to these…..thanks for the quick review – very helpful!

Christine C says:

I didn’t read all the comments but was wondering why two different colours of glass … one looks yellow & one blue. Does it have any bearing on the visibility?

Becky Gatlin says:

Great video Bobby.  Wheres Megan?

Nate McDaniel says:

What lovely snorkels!

Christi Brose says:

Thanks for the review, I would really like to try one of those! Edit ** Added it to my Amazon Cart, we are homeless now due to moving and being between houses, but I’ll hit the buy button when I officially have an address again, too bad I am as far away from an ocean as you can possibly get.

Larry Kramer says:

I was expecting a much higher price. Keep the girls & the dogs coming at us (on a boat, of course).

Astrodiver 1 says:

Hi, I like your video’s. For the lady; make sure you have a quality, comfortable mask that is properly fitted. The mask should not touch your nose or the bridge at all. Secondly, most divers/snorkelers tend to over-tighten the mask in an attempt to stop them
from leaking causing just the opposite. The mask should be just snug enough to keep it from moving on it’s own at the surface
and below, the weight of the water will do all the work for you.

Just something I’ve learned over the years training hundreds of people to dive. If your already doing the above, the only thing I would suggest is trying a different mask.

N4BGZ says:

I want to snorkel with Amanda.

Nick Peet says:

What did u do to your Hair.

Al Schmidt says:

Great review. I wish all the really rude people would find another page to visit. It is uncalled for. My opinion. Be nice or be gone rude people. Rude people need to visit Gandhi’s quotes. Just sayin’.

boo boo says:

Honey, you should have a bit more fabric on ya bottoms eh…. just sayin

Mark Szarzak says:

Is your field of vision greater with this mask?

Sailing S/V Harley Quinn Essex, UK says:

You had enough of the Cat already? Have to admit from a sailors point of view they don’t appeal to me at all, so much so I no longer follow any channels that have cats. Like trying to sail a bungalow.

Ronald Johnson says:

how do you equalise pressure to the ears?

Jack Locke says:

Btw is Amanda replacing Megan? I mean boobs are boobs but I’d rather four boobs than two… 😀

Phillip S. English says:

We found the alien’s & they are us !!!

Kloyd Arne Peña says:

Megan, Megan, Megan…where are you?O:)

parrothead2008 says:

is the glass on that version tempered (usually says tempered if it is, or no jumping into the water if it is not) Thanks

onthebeaches1 says:

Thank you for the review Bobby and Amanda! PEACE OUT!

Peter Belansky says:

They are cool, but I guess if I would by one, I would not be able to brathe under water right?

justfly2525 says:

I love the full face snorkels. I’ve been curious why you don’t see them everywhere…

Matthew Calhoun says:

thank you…helps allot

Phillip S. English says:

I wonder what the fish are gonna think ?????

N4BGZ says:

I must have missed something. What happened to the “Cat”??????

ekim andersom says:

Any reason to show yourself in bikini is a good one, just my opinion.

Lankster Price says:

I miss the point?

Add HOT girl and you have a video…. can we just do without the creepy old rapey looking guy.. 🙂

Hitlery Rotten Crackhead says:

MAN, that Amanda is super cute… Would have came down? But you held your Meet and Greet on a Friday Night, NOT SATURDAY, HAD 2 WORK! :-^

John Thomas says:

They don’t work in La Jolla.

Richard Chasse says:

nice test. Looking forward to getting one and giving it a go!

Joshua Gordon says:

anyone have trouble with them fogging up? How about clearing water that has leaked in…Also, it may be interesting to have a conversation with your snorkel buddy when you pop up to talk about something you just have seen..

John Jones says:

Holy fuck that side boob is legendary. My children’s children will sing songs of cleavage past.

Jon Delaine says:

Keep the videos coming. I for one love them and Amanda is a great addition.

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