Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

This is an “Unpaid” review of the TriMagic full face snorkel mask.
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The Texas Pool is the Official Pool of Elizabeth Swims


Abi The horse girl says:

What a brill vid u should carry on making vids cos I hated swimming and cos of u I love it

Thenuka Bala says:

I subed and like

Bedan 360 says:

Where do you get the one that is not flat

Mariana M. says:


Jasmine Villa says:

I love u guys I’m 11 and I can’t swim above water because I think I will drown

Alphapack says:


Josh Magpoc says:

Hey I have a question, the tube at the top of the mask is supposed to be the mouth piece in a normal snorkel mask right? At this case it’s connected to the whole lower face area, so you can breath through your nose. My question is, if you’re underwater, and the tube at the too is submerged as well, can you still breath? I’m pretty sure the tube has the capacity to not let the water in. My theory is that your breath just get recycled (like breathing in a plastic bag).. Is my theory correct?

Anna Juliet Momin says:

cool where did you get the mask?

ashley bee says:


Fresh Kicks says:

Would you be able to provide another promotion discount? The one stated in your description did not work.

Samuel Guilloteau says:

Did Elizabeth like swimming with the mask ?

Louise Brunt says:

I need this

anime world says:

i have a question if i use that can i last underwater for 3 minutes?

Stacy Honzell says:

Pretty cool I’m going to get one online

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