Full Face Snorkel Mask for a Cruise

Hey Cruisers, We are finally going to take a look at a full face snorkel mask for a cruise. We’ve had this for a while, but we just weren’t getting enough opportunities to fully test it. When we took it to Cabo the water was just too cold to do any real testing. So, we ended up taking to our local YMCA and really giving it a full day of testing. Since then we’ve used it quite a bit. We go over a few full face snorkel mask tips, and how to prevent the full face snorkel mask leaking. We also talk about the biggest complaint we hear, and that is full face snorkel mask equalizing, or if you can use the mask for free diving. Is the full face snorkel mask any good? Well, for us yes, but be sure to watch the video for the complete full face snorkel mask review for all the info’ to help you determine if it’s good for you. If it’s something that looks interesting to you, make sure to read full face snorkel mask Amazon reviews before buying just to be certain. You can check it out here: http://amzn.to/2sH9s2r We receive a small percentage from your Amazon purchase that does not change the amount you pay.

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Shiracyel Washington says:

I found a stolen video of yours on Donald Puckett channel and thought you should know. I am a fan of your channel and a subscriber, Sheri and wanted to tell you guys. I commented on another video and remembered you just posted one today. If you get my comment please just let know, otherwise I will comment again on the live this upcoming Saturday. Stealing videos is not cool.

Chris Sucharda says:

Groupon is currently having a sale on the mask. I would also recommend getting one that has the action mount for your sport cameras.

PJ Gustafson says:

Little tip for the guys out there – I’d read that you get a better seal when clean-shaven. So, when we went on our Hawaii trip, I shaved my beard down to a goatee and it worked perfectly. That said, I’ve since grown my beard out (though I keep it pretty neatly trimmed – it’s at about a #4 length right now) and I used mine at the pool yesterday and didn’t notice any leakage. If you’re a bearded fella like me, I suggest taking it to your local pool first and trying it out to determine whether you’d have better results shaving for your trip to maximize your snorkeling experience.

Y Hawtin says:

Sheri, Tried to buy the snorkel mask after your review but only the pink is available.

We don’t pink, and for sure my husband will not wear pink. Any thoughts?

flashyandfabulous says:

I don’t know what I did wrong but ours kept filling up with water! In from the sides 🙁

Scott Singer Cruises says:

I’m so glad you made a video about this! I’ve been seeing so many people post about this on social media and asking for reviews so now I can share this video! Thanks for sharing with us, Sheri!

socalseth says:

I know I’m dating myself, but those things remind me of the snorks back in the day, lol!

PJ Gustafson says:

My wife and I got these for Hawaii this year and loved them! Can’t wait to take them on a cruise in January!

Tammy Hypes says:

love the prenorkel dance

Jennifer Mcdougall says:

I own one of these and used it in Honduras last year. It was fantastic! The 180′ view is amazing. Right after that, we went snorkeling in playa del Carmen with sea turtles and then in a few cenotes. It was amazing! I did notice a few leaks if I didn’t tie my hair back but otherwise had no issues.

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