Full Face Mask And Hood

Full Face Mask And Hood

How to wear a Full Face Mask and a Hood at the same time.

This question came up on Scuba Board, so we decided to dwell into it, and see what options a diver has with a Full Face Mask and a Hood.

Items in the video include, an Ocean Reef Neptune Space G-Divers Full Face Mask with comm unit, Intova Action Cam, 2 Aquatec Flash Lights, a Sea Soft Full Face Mask Hood, and a custom OS Systems Drysuit Hood.

Here is the link to the Scuba Board Forum.


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420 Taylorsville Beach Ct. Taylorsville, NC 28681


Blb_ reptiles says:

that’s the same full face that i have

Gerardo Lopez says:

Need to get my prescription glasses. ..I got the frame to do that but the optical lab do not want to do the job for fear that they will break the frame!… have any of you had the same experience?

Johndel Gay says:

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Hingle McCringleberry says:

hoooweee good ol’ boy from Bama I’m guessing

Lps Tvgurl79 says:

Dammmmmm buy the normal ones

LakeHickoryScuba says:

We have been asked by several people about the lights we use on our Full Face Mask.  We sell them, they are called Aquatec Flashlight, they run around $29.99.

A.New.Viewer says:

Does it feel heavy to wear???

Darth Knowl says:

Thanks!!!! Iwill look into buying this and the Hood

Chris H says:

Good info, well executed.

thephenom718 says:

Pretty interesting. Thanks

lottsalasagna says:

Like my old 80’s Cousteau full suit had this to work with the full mask

bryantturner97 says:

Wish I’d have seen this before years of hard knock ffm diving.. Great content! This will save a new FFM diver a lot of time

TheManunderwater says:

Great informative video. Just intrigued to know what dive watch/computer you’re wearing. It looks like one of the Suunto’s but don’t a bit thicker.

Konstantinos Kontogiannis says:

Good advice man thx!
Friendly humor: By the way get a new chair for your desk man you need to be comfy on land too ….cheers 🙂

Mehran Mahdi says:

You talked about trimming the mask; this would be the biggest limitation. Both the masks you are showing including most in the market have very limited trimming ability. Those two notches on the seam of the face seal; you cannot cut behind the second notch, otherwise it will fray.

Antoine Zufferey says:

Good job very explanatory best description when considering full face diving…

Orion R says:

Have you done a video on equalizing in a full face mask or without pinching your nose, I’ve tried but haven’t had any luck, without a full face that is, but I did it on accident once free diving but it was before I started scuba diving and haven’t been able to do it since, thanks I enjoy learning from you videos btw

Kanan Al says:

Hello, I’m having ear problems, the hood plus the full mask will help to keep my ear dry? thanks

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