Dreamwear Full Face Mask Review and Buy Cheap!! Philips Respironics

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Matt Stieber says:

I am new to CPAP just getting machine this week…was wondering if I could get your opinion on this mask vs the resmed f20 airtouch and the air fit…I know it’s personal preference but I value your opinion and would like to know what you think of them since they have been out for a while now and you have more time in with them thanks

David Haver says:

Thanks for the great Dreamwear Full Facemask Review. Wondered if the mask irritates your nose since it presses up against it?

Jeff Hall of StatusDecalsUSA says:

You and that mask should get a room! I love the Dreamwear. Hope to get some of these in my lab soon. Nice design, can’t wait to try this on my apnea victims.

joanna lynn says:

i love it but why it makes clicking noises..sometimes …?

Bev Webs says:

I have that mask and I don’t feel any pressure or air…. Aren’t I suppose to feel air or some sort of pressure?? I had the nasal and felt like I was suffocating. But, I am a mouth breather so I’ve gone to the full face mask. I still feel like I am suffocating. I don’t feel any air or pressure. My ramp is 6 and goes to 10 per doctor. Your video is great. I thought maybe my mask was on wrong. But, I’ve looked at your video several times and I know it is correct. Thank you!

Jimmy Dank says:

I hate this mask. It’s my first mask and I can’t stand it… It doesn’t seal properly.

John B says:

Ok, so I used the full face and got my FIRST NIGHT of full therapy! Thank God! I was starting to get discouraged. Question for you…I had to crank it down so tight to avoid leaks @18cm/h2o. But it didn’t leak! But I did wake up with some lovely “PAP face lines”. Am I doing it wrong? I watched you video again to make sure I wasn’t screwing something up. Any advice? Or is it just my new reality? Thanks! ……John

Mary Ann Dull says:

Hi! I’m new to this whole cpap thing. Found your vids and the info has been helpful. Love your humor too, have chuckled a lot. Thanks for the helpful tips.

Van Loomis says:

Jason, I’m a new CPAP user. You mentioned using a boil-and-bite mouthguard to keep your lower jaw from slacking downward. Is there a certain mouthguard you would recommend? Thanks!

Sally Widzinski says:

I have been using this mask for about a month, adjusting, readjusting, trying everything in my power to stop the massive leaks after about two hours of use. The noise created from the silicone vibrating against my face is so loud it wakes me up. After spending much time trying to stop the leaks, I’m wide awake. I really want this mask to work,but I think there is a lot of tweaking needed to assure a better fit. Are others having this same problem?

Aldo Guerra says:

Your nose is fantastic actually. Just my personal aesthetic appraisal.

Vuong Do says:

Where I can buy this without prescription required? I want to try it 🙂 Thanks

Bob Shaw says:

Do you have severe obstructive s;eep apnea besides being a Polysomnographic technologist in a sleep lab ?

joe mccord says:

I get red raw spots under my nose with this mask. I tried loosing it and then it leaks. I’ve tried other sizes does same thing. Do you have any other advice for me?

Labpainter says:

Like this mask

Rob Goose says:

does anyone knows the 20-7 question in cpapadvice.com ?

Roger Labrooy says:

Is this available anywhere right now? Not back order etc. but right now!

Hinds15 says:

Is it okay with a beard?

S T says:

Jason, great video, I am clicking through your site now to buy one with your lefty15 discount code! Thanks for that! I already use the Dreamwear nasal mask so I will just get the headgear and mask. I see you are using a L so I will get that size. On my nasal mask I use a S which I like the best (well, like is a strong word when it comes to CPAP!!!). I also have a pretty big nose so the L should be the correct one for me? I have been using an F10 as well for my FFM but want a better solution and am willing to try this since you praise it so much. Here’s to some happy sleep in the future, I will let you know how it goes if you want.

John B says:

So I got the medium wide and had leaks aplenty! I am waiting for the medium. I also have the F20 and am waiting on the Airtouch cushion. I just got on BiPAP therapy and am in the “Apria health care web”. So, I now am stuck buying my own supplies because I had to pick a mask sight unseen. The F20 Air Fit leaks too. I am on up to 18cm/h2o. So it it pretty dang high. Their customer service is awful. Like horribly awful. However, at the sleep lab the Dreamwear, hands down was the most comfortable for my claustrophobic butt(the rest of me is claustrophobic too…haha). I am hoping the medium works. If it does, I will by cushions as needed to replace it and wait 6 months to change masks so Medicare pays for it again. If not, I will do the F20 and grin and bear it. But the dreamwear is so, so comfortable. I hope I can get it to work without leaking! Thanks for the review!

WoodCravings says:

Did not like it at all. To uncomfortable around the nose area.

Yoda NC42 says:

I just got this FFM and am running into pressure point just under my nose. any ideas? Other then that I liked it at first. I have gone back to my AirFit20. 🙁

Roger Labrooy says:

I managed to source one from the Cpap shop thanks

IAJmusic says:

It’s nearly double in price for the full face mask

TheLankyLefty27 says:

Here is a link to the $129 Fitpack (all cushion sizes) available on Amazon. It was brought to my attention that the other mention in the video jacked up the prices. Always looking out for you guys! https://amzn.to/2KYIGec

Roland moreno says:

Great job

Mary Long says:

Right now I am using an Amara View, which I like. My pressure is set at 11. I would love to try this one, tho. I sleep on my leftside and am a mouth breather, so a full face is a must. My question is, my current mask is a medium and my nose bridge is not wide. Would I also need a medium in the dreammaker? Thanks. PS: thanks for the info on where I can save money on masks and such. The prices are very steep when bought through the hospital’s contract vendor!

Rogelio Chapa says:

I just got this mask two nights using it. I like it, but I get a claustrophobic feeling. I had to take a xanax the first night. The mask pushes up at night and it tends to seal at my lower lip. The bottom of my nose is raw from it. It is all read because of it. But, I do rest better that the F20. I’ll tough it out for a week.

ROBS FAN says:

I tried that mask today, & I didn’t like it. The lady at my doctors office, she kept trying to force it on me, saying EVERYONE loves it, it’s our most popular one; I can’t believe you don’t like it, it’s on back order- it’s so popular. Well, not everyone will like it, & I’m not going to order something I don’t like, because I wouldn’t use it when I got it. She was pushy, actually pulled out my hair twice while trying to put the headgear on me. I had to tell her to please let me do it myself. It just wasn’t comfortable for me.

Britney Kelso says:

My mom uses a cpap machine and can never sleep. She gets bloated and gas from all the air the CPAP puts out. Does that happen to you and if so do you have any advice on what to do about it?

Brian doggy says:

I just got this mask.
When I sleep on my side the seal breaks and air goes into my eyes,
If I sleep on my back it is good.
I am new to the Cpap seen
This is my third mask
I am thinking of getting the Amora view.
Does anyone have this problem
Please let me now.
Maybe I have the wrong size

R Tex says:

Because of this review, I tried the dreamwear fit pack. It didn’t work for me. First the medium headgear was too small, so I ordered the large gear. I have a high bipap pressure of 20/24 and couldn’t stand the air hole rubbing on my nose and mustache. The mask was used for 15 minutes and then washed. The supplier wouldn’t take it back. So I went back to the F20 I’ve used for a year now. I have no use for the complete kit with 4 sizes of masks and 2 sizes of headgear. For sale for $100 for everything for a like new kit.

SubOhm GLI says:

What’s the mask type setting for the dreamstation? x1,x2,x3?

Aaron Thomas says:

Just used the link. The prices are $169 and $189. There are no $109 or $129 options. ???

joe mccord says:

Do they take insurance on the site you talked about

Roger Labrooy says:

Thank you for the info.

Ian Davis says:

Hi, can anyone help me, what’s the maximum water pressure this can take, I’m on Bipap with humidifier on a five minute ramp and maximum of pressure of 30, I’m also on 1 litre of oxygen which is attached to the bottom of my Resmed heated tube.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


NJP Vlogs -N- Stuff says:

OK, I am sold on this idea. Just saw my Respiration Therapist yesterday and got the ball rolling on getting this fir pack on its way to me. They didn’t have it in stock at the hospital store. Insurance is covering all of the cost. Along with this pack, I decided to go to Amazon and order the nasal mask version of this (for a fraction of the cost at the hospital store!). I love having the option of interchanging the various components of this apparatus to find what works for you. I believe that full face is the right setup for me, but I want to try the nasal option as well…just to see f it will work.
PS: I hope the link in your pinned comment is an associate link. I used that link to get to the parts I needed (wanted) to order. I know it isn’t much, but I try to help where I can. Thanks for this amazing channel. 🙂

meduf says:

I like this mask. Unlike the comment I saw below, I think the nose hole is a little big (as I have a little nose). I’m leaking less with this mask than any I have tried. I wish they had an extra small. Maybe in time.

Thanks for doing these videos, Lanky.

Ron Nichols says:

Ive tried to make this mask work but at 20cm/H2o i have to have it on really thight to keep it from leaking and it kills the bottom of my nose when i wake up, tried different size cushions to no avail thought if i just kept on using it it would stop hurting but it never happened, going on one month now. Had my fill of it. Going to try the Fitlife total face mask, hope it works, supposed to be good up to 40cm/H2o.

Bagger Jax says:

OMG it Leaked bad for me

Marcus King says:

Been using mask since April 18’ I really like the mask. I started with nasal pillows that felt like I was fighting against them all night. I breathe much easier with the dreamwear. However I have started snoring since I began with the ffm dreamwear. Maybe need more pressure? I’m at a 7. Lastly to clean I use a so clean. My concern is the mask is large and the tubing is bent or pinched no matter how I place it in there. Just concerned if it is really cleaning the whole system well. Thanks!

Nicholas Peter says:

Hey so I started using this mask and has been one of the best fitting but my recent problem is the the tube that snaps into the side of the mask kinda leaks on the connection. Is this normal?

Thanks Nick

Harry Hightower says:

just got my dreamware full face mask , guess what i love it . I had the AirFit F20 ResMed Full Face which sucked for me .

Ed Baker says:

Does this cure dry mouth? I love the dreamwear, but I suffer severely from dry mouth. Does this help?

Tony Urquhart says:

A general question to Jason. With all the millions of people using CPAP, is all of this used equipment headed for the landfill or the recycle bin? Will silicone masks recycle? Tubing, water chambers and all the other parts used by the millions, recycle or landfill?

Michael Ashe says:

Jason, you mentioned this is one of the two or three first masks someone should try. What are the other two? Thanks!

mchlwise says:

Best mask ever for me. For the first time I’ve had leak-free nights. Not every single night, but most of them. Very comfortable and effective.

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