Dangerous Full Face Snorkel Masks | How to avoid them!

Yes some full face snorkel masks are dangerous due to CO2 build up inside the mask. In this video we tell you how to pick a safe mask and to check if your own full face mask is dangerous.

Safe full face snorkel masks:
Tribord EasyBreath on Amazon: http://geni.us/6j1k
Ocean Reef Aria on Amazon: http://geni.us/LIw1S
H2o Ninja on Amazon: http://geni.us/I9mT

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full disclosure I did not watch the video I only looked at the thumbnail and read the title “how to avoid them” well I’m thinking don’t buy one thanks Einstein go fuck yourself

Oh_Keyz says:

Do you guys have a opinion on the Atlantis 2.0? Is it any good?

OceanReefGroup says:

Guys, excellent video – definitely a lot more knowledge than the mass, and most in general. BUT: the air circulation system is patented by us, so, unless we are talking about OCEAN REEF and HEAD ffsm, we have not given any other manufacturer the permission to use our system. That is why, all the rest (that use our system) are copies. Also, this (lack of knowledge from knock-off manufacturers) explains the absence of snorkel tube valves (under the top cap) that help prevent air mixing in that chamber. While our masks have this extra feature for safety, most, if not all, don’t – thus not effectively keeping the inhaling separated from the exhaling. Though the product seems simple – it is not, and it took a lot of time to get many aspects right. Copies have a number of flaws, people should take in consideration of before purchasing. All full face snorkeling masks are not alike. Thanks for helping share knowledge and informations. Going out into the Ocean is the best activity there is and everyone should be able to enjoy it – but water is a potentially dangerous environment that has to be respected and requires attention, preparation and caution at all times

John Hue says:

That’s incredibly interesting thanks for sharing this info ! Would you say that if one were to go on a “snorkeling trip” that it would not be advised to use such a mask ? We’re talking about 20 to 100 olympic-size swimming pools and someone who is young but not very fit.

Terry Alsop says:

I’ll stick with my standard mask and snorkel. This FF Mask isn’t any good for diver who should always have a snorkel with them!

Danah Alali says:

which mask would you recommend oceanreef aria of tribord easy breath (decathlon) ?

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