Best 2018 full face snorkel mask, now with pressure equaliser

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Rule 1: Always swim with a partner in the open water

The silicon nose piece on the full face snorkeling mask allows me to relieve the air pressure in my ears so I can dive deeper. I wear L/XL size of the previous full face masks and this, although more compact, fits comfortably. The eye lens does not fog up. It comes with a go pro adapter. The ear plugs is a nice feature for those who are prone to ear infections.


Olivia Rocha says:

So, I recently bought two types of snorkeling masks. I bought the typical snorkel and mask one. I also bought the domed one which is the third black one. I haven’t tested them out yet but I just need to know which one works best. I have had experience with the typical snorkel but I need advice from someone who knows which is better. If you could suggest which one of the two is better, that would be great.

Foong siew weng says:


Jack Fisher says:

I bought the regular mask. No full face.. The full face mask felt like death trap when i had it on.. And things tent to get sticky when in panic mode.. So i decided to go the safe way. I went for a regular mask and snorkel.

Dragomir Ronilac says:

There are nofull face snorkel mask that do not fog… and big volume makes it prone to provoke mask squeeze

Foong siew weng says:


saint Trophyme says:

what is the name of the third mask please

Roy Tenwolde says:

Name of last mask please

Sam Sam says:

Where can i find the last mask you showed?? or what is it called/brand
best regards from Denmark

John van maren says:

EarPods are the stupids and dangerous things to youse wile diving. you must cut them off. it’s only usefull if you stay on the water level. never when you go down

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