1 Thing Wrong With The Seaview 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Here’s 1 thing wrong with the seaview 180 full face snorkel mask. If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy: http://www.bjwok.com/lightroom6presets/lightroom-6-presets-for-music-photographers/

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yandel cool says:

Dude you talk to much

Maria Romero says:

It’s good that this video exist since I just ordered this and couldn’t find any reviews to see if it was good and it’s nice to know it’s pretty good

I Just Tell Crazy Bitches To Chill says:

then yawn in the mask. it equalizes too.

Big Red says:

Thanks for the review. Allways wanted to know about those. I love to dice down deep around 10 to 12m so this wouldn’t be suitable for me personally but I know my wife would love one as she’s not great with a regular snorkel.!

Swiper says:

The anti fog does work!? I’ve used mine so much… no fog

Zz-Destroyah-ZZ Brady says:

I have this mask and it is awsome and don’t ever put the mask on its face because it’s will scratch the clear screen up so don’t do it.I did not do it to my mask

Der flitermouse says:

GET TO THE POINT! Too much noise, not enough actual evaluation of the mask.

Zz-Destroyah-ZZ Brady says:

Did you take the clear cover off of the mask

francisco4ben says:

arnt you supposed to use ear plugs

blank Explained says:

first few minutes and i subbed, you seem like a pretty cool guy.

Chase Aaron Rodgers says:

Haw much was it

EverythingChallengesHD says:

takes 13 minutes to explain 1 problem?

yandel cool says:

But nice video

firegamer 2004 says:

you should go bald I can imagine you looking cooler bald

Bruce Burkland says:

You missed one item that I’m really hard pressed to find on your gear list. You had an extendable bracket that you put your tablet into, then hooked that up to the tripod. Where can I get that extendable bracket for the tablet as I have a 10 inch tablet?

whynottalklikeapirat says:

If your new mask fogs up why not clean the protective layer of factory silicone fluid that it came with off the glass with a bit of toothpaste before diving? Hmm? People never do this and then they bitch and moan about the perceived flaws of the product.

I also recommend getting out of the habit of smearing your face with sun lotion and then leaving your mask on your greasy forehead while you sweat and steam during your time on the beach or at the surface and then going on to using your lotion-fingers to make it even worse when you rub the spit into the glass.

Masks should not fog up, period. It’s a problem you should not have. If you do, you are doing something wrong.

Anyway, this is a bloody silly contraption. Crutches is not the way to around the challenges of the sea. They will let you down and leave you helpless or clueless when they eventually break or malfunction and you find yourself in a spot where you would not have gone without it to begin with.

Technique, procedure and training, as always is where it’s at. Yes – putting in the hours and understanding your limitations.

ItzHydra says:

did he just cut open a *zip lock bag* even though you can *zip it open* -_-

Hi!! ImKK says:

No offense but it’s weird for me to see him get in where the passenger seat is.

Daniel Lehtinen says:

can you breath easily with the mask? with my Aria ocean reef I cant get enough fresh air to breath. its like too tight the freshair line. I think its quite the same the airpipe in each of these fullmasks

Russ Hart says:


Alina Chuykova says:

I subscribed! Cool video

Mazda rx7 says:

equalize by jutting your jaw forward or yawning. Hard hat divers do it all the time. some divers even swallow to equalize. Any thing to open the eustachian tubes

CottonCat says:

400 hundred SUBBS? you have 8 thousand now!

Holland Hollywood says:

The very 1st time I saw that mask I commented about the inability to equalize underwater, me being a diver it’s obvious to me, but to most common ppl who snorkle know nothing of equalization. Good vid. I am as disappointed as you with the anti-fog failure.

Itz Reid says:

If you can go underwater without water getting in the mask,does that mean you can take like one breath underwater?

RK Studios says:

What is king of the north

Zz-Destroyah-ZZ Brady says:

I’m going to Florida in the gulf in 27 to 5 of August 2017 and I’m making vlogs

Freek VanderGlas says:

I got one at decatlon and it has No fog never


that is the dumest thing ever from owen

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